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Saul was still lying on his back, the base of his spine twinging like mad. He coughed, feeling slightly winded. The starry night filled his vision, the minute points of light twinkling down on him. Mocking him for falling over on his ass. 'Way to go, Saul. Way to fall flat on your back. Ugh... this really isn't my night. Could be worse I suppose, I could be dead right now.'

And then light returned to the world in the form of a flashlight beam moving over his body. Saul leaned up, yelping as the intense brilliance shone straight in his eyes and momentarily blinded him. He fell back, staring back up to the heavens. He couldn't see the sky or the stars anymore, all he could see was a mixture of black and flash blindness that slowly faded away to even more black.

There was someone, possibly more than one person, down where the flashlight was. So much for it belonging to that person who just left, or the corpse. Someone called out from where the light originated from, asking him to identify himself. What choice did Saul have but to reply to him?

"Uh... it's me, Saul. I'm unarmed, don't hurt me or anything," he called out in response, "who's that?" He tried sitting up again, using his right hand to shield his eyes from the flashlight, and raising his other hand to signal that he was indeed lacking in the weapons department. No shots were fired, nobody was climbing up the hill to stab him. So far so good. "You haven't seen an eight ball down there, have you?" he asked, "I think it might've rolled down where you are, whoever you are." He tentatively moved his hand to try and get a look at the flashlight owner, but anything behind the bright beam was blacked out. And he was blinded again.

'Ouch... I wish it was morning already.'
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