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((Sorry for crappiness of the post, and yeah, we need to transition/end this thread soon))

Stretching his arms and torso, and letting out a lengthy, almost comical yawn, Harun climbed to his feet. Giving only an obligatory, half-assed nod of acknowledgement to the new girl (was she a new arrival to the group? Or had she been here all the time and Harun had just been too thick to notice her? Meh, big fucking deal), Harun absentmindedly twirled his sword-gun over in his hands, completely forgetting nearly all the basic knowledge he knew about gun safety.

"Anyhow, bed awaits. Come get some sleep Bead Girl."

Harun felt he had had more than enough sleep just then. Any feelings of tiredness he still felt were just his eyes being stupid. The rest of him was fine.

Except for his bladder. He needed a piss.

"Be right back, need to pee. And if we're all gonna have another nap, guess it's my turn to keep watch."

And with that, he wandered off a short distance away to relieve himself behind one of the many generic tree stumps.
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