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((Placeholder post, I'll pretty it up later. Also, taking my initiative and dragging Winnie out too as face is away >_<))

The announcement blared, handily pointing out that their sojourn in the Ranger Station was about to meet an explosive conclusion. Oh that was not a good thing to hear in the morning. Fuck! They'd gotten so fucking close to cracking it. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Wait, with nothing to really hide now, they could talk again.

"Fuck!" There, that felt better. Shame that his first words in ...how long? had to be the f-word, but that was the way the ball rolled, Dave guessed.

No time to smash. Had to run. Let the others deal with that shit. Dave grabbed his bags, looked for Winnie. Found her sat down in the corner. She was still deathly quiet. Dave took Winnie's hand and pulled her along with him, and made his way out of the door, following Izzy as close as he could.

"Fucking Run!" He yelled, more at himself than at the others, huffing and puffing as he sprinted off into the distance.

((Dave Morrison and Winnie Clark, continued in -.-- -.-- --.. .))
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