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And then everyone left.

Well, everyone except Cass, that is.

George said something about her being crazy before he took his leave, and that other boy seemed to just up and disappear. Maria didn't really think anything of it, though, as she and Cass walked back where they came, arriving back at the grocery store. Going back to the frozen food aisle where they spent the night, she dug into her pack, doing something she had put off doing for a while.

Reloading her flare gun.

The smell of ba

Maria blinked as a thought in her head seemed to be cut short. It was something familiar. Something she'd thought plenty of times. She shook it off after a brief moment, though as she snapped the flare gun shut again before looking to Duncan's pack. Come to think of it, shouldn't she get it back to hi-

No need.

Hmm? Wait, why not? Isn't he gonna nee-

No need.

Maria felt rather confused, but went for Duncan's pack and opened it, finding herself compelled to dig through it and pull out all the food and water, transferring it to her pack. But she still didn't get it. Wouldn't he be needing this fo-

No need.

Maria put a hand to her head. Her thoughts were getting all muddled, like her brain was getting drowned in happy thoughts and she was missing something really important but she couldn't think of what it was and you let him diHAPPY THOUGHTS.

Ugh. Her head was starting to hurt. Maybe she just didn't get as much rest as she needed. Zipping up her pack, sticking the flare gun back down her pants and grabbing the stick she struck off with Cass down the road again, on her search for an escape attempt for her and Cass and Max and Duncan too because he's still alive and if you say otherwise then you're a GODDAMN LIAR

{{continued in Fatal Fury}}

{{thread closed}
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