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it was a graveyard smash
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Tim looked over at Jacob as he informed the boys that he was going to go ahead and look for his bag. Before Tim could comment or argue, Jacob was gone and all Tim could do was watch. His little carefully formed trio was now just a duo, and exactly how long would that keep up? What if Colin decided to ditch him too? Everyone seemed to be bailing. That armed girl bailed on her little team, Jacob was gone.. Everyone seemed to be leaving, and soon Tim would either be alone or dead. He wasn't sure which one was worse.

"Crap," Tim muttered, watching as Jacob's form disappeared. "I hope we catch up with him soon.. I kinda liked the three of us traveling together. He was alright, nice, ya know?" That and Tim felt like he helped Jacob. Colin and Tim had saved Jacob from suicide! It bonded the three together, kept them close.. They shared emotions and secrets, and it wasn't until much later that Tim would realize that Jacob was gone forever - never to be seen walking upon this green earth.

He could hear Jacob slamming through buildings, presumably looking for his bags, and he also heard Colin speak to Tim, instantly clearing his troubles. He told Tim not to worry about it, and Tim obediently nodded, in-taking air through his nose. "Yes, we should go.. Sorry," he said, tacking on another apology. He just couldn't help it, he felt as if he'd never be able to adequately apologize for that stupid gun-brandishing mistake. He just felt so bad!

As Colin lead Tim off in the direction where Jacob supposedly was, Tim turned around and managed a really half-hearted wave in the direction of the female trio. Colin rattled off a quick apology, and Tim followed suit. "Yes, we're leaving! And I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-uh-scare you guys!" He shut his mouth before he began rambling off more thoughtless apologies, and the two guys were off, off to search for Jacob.

But Tim was just glad that he still had Colin. Colin was still sticking by his side and nothing had changed... Still two good friends, the comfort of music between them. Sure, the music wasn't physical - it wasn't a tune that they could both actively hear, but it was a tune that replayed constantly in Tim's mind. It was a reminder of how he and Colin met, that day in the coffee shop... The songs that Colin preformed and Tim watched even though he had so much homework that he should have been working on...

The music would never stop, and Tim would always remember those songs, even after his time on this dreaded island. Even in death.

((Tim Questiare continued in One Final Bow))

((Topic concluded))
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