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Micheal watched Maria for a second before deciding then and there that he had enough on his plate without factoring in a chick who'd clearly snapped. Oh, he wished her much success and fortune on the island, as well as every possible chance to reach the next save point. That didn't mean he was feeling charitable enough to try and group up. He'd seen enough movies to know that the crazy ones always started out normal before losing whatever shit they had completely. Usually in a big and incredibly bad for everyone else way. Best to stick with safe and sane Gloria.

Speaking of Gloria, it was nice to see that at least one of them had retained common sense once the shooting started. Micheal, like some idiot red-shirt, looked around the corner and started shouting. Gloria, on the other hand, kept in cover and out of sight. Well, it wasn't like he'd tried some dash attack, but she still kept her wits better then he had. Smart move would have been to turn around and leave a safe time after the shooting stopped. Like they were doing now, he guessed.

Well, whatever. Screw-loose girl had friends in the area she could double up with. Probably. File that under:not his problem. His problems included being an out of shape gamer running about with a girl fit to a panic attack. Yeah, thanks but no thanks, he was good on problems right now. All the same, they were doing okay so far. No crippling injuries, hell, no injuries at all, and no confrontations (real confrontations anyway). Considering fate, luck, and the way these things worked, that was probably fit to change soon enough

So, he followed after Gloria, it apparently being his turn to follow. No complaints from him. It would give him a chance to try and decide where to wander next. They could try the whole aimless thing maybe, but there were some pretty obvious drawbacks to that idea. Namely, being aimless. Once they were away from the town, he'd ask Gloria, see what she thought.

He stowed the claws back in his bag, sparing a glance over his shoulder as he did. If the shooter was still in the area, they weren't following, at least. Of course, shooter meant he didn't need to be right behind them to kill them. Ah, happy thoughts. Micheal quickened his pace a bit, all the same.

((Micheal Raynor, continued in Eep))
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