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((In the interests of continuity, not reacting to the DZ announcement. I apologise for this not being my best)).

Bounce couldn't quite believe that Alice getting in the faces of the other group had sparked off such a reaction. She'd been so, so convinced that they were hostile, ready to start shooting at the first opportunity. But no, the move which all logic and history had told Bounce was completely stupid... had actually worked. They'd backed down just because Alice had confronted them. Of course, that proved that they'd never been looking for a fight in the first place, but Bounce's store of knowledge was telling her that she'd been right to be concerned.

Her brain... or rather, the memories of SOTF in it... that was Bounce's one advantage. She had to use it as much as she could.

With things a little calmer following the rapid departure of the group of boys, Bounce even managed to muster a smile at Alice's greeting. It was wan, weak, but most certainly genuine. Though Bounce had placed her trust in Victoria as an extension of Alice, nothing could hold a candle to somebody she knew, completely and 100%, that she could count on.

But of course, the positive had to be followed by another problem. Vic was gone. Alice, understandably, was distressed. Bounce herself? She could deal with that, beyond the loss of their gun. Callous as it sounded, Bounce didn't trust Vic, and if she'd bailed on them at the first inkling of a fight, it seemed that her suspicion had been warranted. Well, better now than in any real danger. Bounce much preferred the idea of sticking with Alice anyway.

Choosing her words carefully, Bounce replied. "It's clear she ran off. I don't think it's a good idea to remain here any longer, in any case. We need to move out of the built up area, it's too attractive to others," Bounce paused. "I ran into Aaron earlier. He suggested a rendezvous at the sawmill. If you've no objections, we could head there. Either way... let's get going, we can talk as we walk, okay?"

Bounce took a moment to orientate herself, then started off down the street in the direction she HOPED was out.

((Bounce --> Make Your Own Kind of Music))
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