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Risking a peek around Michael when she didn't hear any gunshots, Gloria felt a surge of relief. He hadn't fired. He just left. Did he even see us? Gloria couldn't help but wonder. Her hand slowly loosened its hold on Michael's shirt before falling limply to the ground as she took deep, shuddering breaths.

First her closest friend had died. And then someone had fired a machine gun nearby...and they barely avoided being riddled with bullets and meeting God himself. Death was just everywhere. Gloria just hoped they didn't die--the military would get them off the island before an angry classmate did.

Or run into a corpse.

Slowly rising to her feet, Gloria tentatively reached out again, taking Michael's shoulder. "W-We...sh-should go?" she whispered. "N-Now...th-the firer m-m-might...s-still be ne-near, so....l-let's go..." she finished lamely, looking around nervously, as if thinking the gunman had teleported into the shadows near them and would step out like a movie villain.

"C-Co...c'mon..." Gloria backed up a bit before turning around to walk properly, wanting to get herself and Michael as far away from the gunman as humanly possible.

[[Gloria Benson continued in Eep..]]
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