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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
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((Alan Rickhall continued from Darken Your Clothes and Strike a Violent Pose.))
((Thread entry with permission from Little Boy))

Alan had been walking for what seemed like miles. It was a phrase that seemed to sum his adventure up perfectly; he'd walk for miles and every now and then take a break to sleep or cower behind a rock or a tree or... Jimmy. Alan had not stopped thinking about his deceased amigo for the entire trip, he was alone now. There was absolutely nothing left to hide behind, Alan had to face the 'turned' head on. The movement will always remember Jimmy as one of the great disciples, Alan would dedicate an entire day to him, once a year the members of the movement will be excused from their normal duties to remember the sacrifice that Jimmy gave so that the Survival of the Fittest could be thrown at the feet of the true humans. Yes... Alan liked the sound of that, and he would tell the story of 'Jimmy Robertson and Danya's Inhuman Serpent' for years to come; once a year every year, June the... The... It was still June, wasn't it? It must have been. Alan had lost all track of time completely, he didn't even know what day of the week it was.

Alan wandered through a strange eerie and deserted town. Alan only had Jimmy's knife-sword thing to defend himself with and that was a pretty shoddy means of defence for a missionary like himself. But everything seemed nice and quiet, except for a strange bird calling from the distance. Alan was never really a bird enthusiast, in fact he had taken no interest in birds of any sort until now, nut he had never heard anything like it, it was like a low, strangled moaning sound.

Moaning sound?

Something was happening. Alan could just about hear it, accompanied by some faint stomping noises, someone could be in trouble. After he had pinpointed which direction the noise was coming from he advanced into his selected house, following the noise until he arrived just a door between him and the source. He could hear grunting aright, and thumping. Opening the door just a crack, he couldn't believe what he saw. It was Örn! Alan couldn't believe that he had finally found a familiar face. Sweet, kind-hearted Dutchy. It took another look to see the blood coming from his forehead. He really was in trouble! They were attacking him. Turned students were attacking defenceless Örn! Alan had to do something. Without thinking, he brandished Jimmy's Knife and burst in!

"Ok inhuman scum. Back away from him." Alan tried to sound threatening but he had already regretted his impulse decision as he caught sight of the array of sharp metal knife-like objects around the room, making his Naginata look like a butter knife. "I... I mean it... You better explain what's... Because if you... If you..." it was at that point that he noticed the bandage around Örn's head and the first aid kit in one of the 'attacker's' hands.

"Oh my god; I'm so sorry." Alan let the knife drop to the floor and bent over in tears. "Oh my goodness I can't believe what I've just done." Alan said to himself. "Why did you have to leave me to make my own decisions. I can't do that... I can't do that. I'm just so stupid! Why do I have to be so fucking stupid?" Alan's voice was barely legible as he toppled on to the floor in tears; praying that he wasn't already dead.
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