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Tiffany Wakemore... What did she know about Tiffany Wakemore...

More than she cared to remember. Tiffy was a manipulative, idiotic bitch who decided to pick fights in her library and cause an infuriating ruckus and get away with it by releasing floods of crocodile tears. When she wasn't sweet-talking the teachers. Was she really trustworthy?


"Tiffany, dear, i'm not going to pretend to believe you, so why don't you and your equally asinine friend skedaddle before i test..." Othello? Romeo? Desdemona? "Before I test... uh..." God she needed a name but she just couldn't pick one. It was like a bevvy of flavourful names assaulting her senses, each one as perfect, yet unsuitable as the last.

"Before I... test dear William's strength." There we go. She could change it later if she needed.

It wasn't like anyone present would be around to care.

"So." She regained her composure. "Hands where I can see them? Wonderful. Now be good and take 200 paces..." She waved vaguely in the opposite direction. "That way."
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