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Liz started writing. Belle grabbed her flashlight, flicked it back on, and peered over her shoulder, but the writing was cramped, hard to read; she frowned at it without really understanding until Liz passed the notes to her.

Alright. Time to read.

As she read, she began to understand. And as she came to understand, she grew progressively more and more excited.

This was what she'd been looking for. This kind of insight, this kind of ability, this kind of audacity. Liz Polanski had not just conceived a plan; she had conceived a plan that forced the sons of bitches responsible for this to pay attention to her and then went farther and hoped they were paying attention to her, so much attention that her fellow classmates would be able to escape, and it didn't matter if she was doing it to be a good person or just to cause as much damage as possible, the point was that she was doing it, she had conceived a plan and enacted it, and by God it was working.

Of course, in order to do make sure it worked, Liz wanted to go somewhere that wasn't the Sawmill.

Liz took her paper back while Belle was thinking about this and wrote out new messages. Belle read them without really thinking about them; most of her thoughts were oriented on Garrett, Samantha, the Sawmill. On taking care of those who'd lost hope. On vengeance, and on doing right.

What was she supposed to do, let Samantha go?

What was she supposed to do, let her selfishness interfere with the greater good?

The answer came to her when Liz dumped her weapons out on the tunnel floor and offered her another message--YOU'RE THE FIGHTER. DIVIDE THESE UP INTELLIGENTLY.

Liz was trusting her. Liz actually believed that she could make a difference, that she might be worth something. Liz, who, alone of the people on the island, had done something to free herself and beat the system.


"Take the gun," Belle said immediately. "It'll keep you safe." She grabbed the knives and placed them in the belt she wore around her gi. It was fairly tight, so the knives felt secure. The net gun she took a moment to examine--she needed to figure out how it worked.

"You've been doing a lot more than me, Liz," Belle said simply. She grabbed the cork from the ground, brushed it of, and shoved it back into the bottle--no telling when she might need it in the future. "This is a fact." She put the bottle in her bag and slowly put that on before offering the girl on the ground a hand.

"I'll go where you lead, Liz," Belle said simply. She was trying not to think about Samantha and God it was hard; she'd finally reached some kind of peace over Jackie, and she couldn't allow Samantha to go on killing, but...

She couldn't forgive a lesser evil simply because there was a greater one. But she couldn't be distracted from the greater evil by the lesser. And if she wanted to remember what had become of Jackie...

I should have listened.

Liz would agree to go, if they went to the Sawmill. But Liz had her own plans, and god damn it Liz's plans had sure as hell done more than Belle had.

She hadn't listened then. She sure as hell was listening now.

"You want to go to the Residential Area, or the Mansion?" Belle said. "Let's go. We've got...we've got to do something."

I couldn't take it if we didn't do anything.

She offered Liz her hand.
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