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((GMing approved and all that stuff))


Staffan rolled off the girl after the blow to his head. He ended up on his back staring up at the sky, blinking furiously and heavily disoriented. He had barely heard the words before the crushing shot. He had Evelyn right where he wanted her. Crying, scared and about to die at his hand. Then what had happened? The world went from fuzzy to focused after a few more blinks, though the intense throbbing of pain and anger didn't fade. Staffan sat up and faced the direction in which his attacker had come from. His eyes bulged with a equal amount of hatred and fear.

"Always playing the hero Niklas?" Staffan said with as much of a condescending tone as he could muster.

Nik kept his gun pointed at his brother. The sight was an intimidating one to say the least. Nik's mane of hair flowing from underneath his dirty bloodied ballcap, his eyes a focused fury directed at his own flesh and blood. The rest of Nik's face showing the dry blood which Nik had yet to clean off from his encounters in the town area. His shirt and pants also bloodstained. He looked like he'd been through a war of his own.

"You..." Nik began his sentence but couldn't finish it. He looked at his brother on the ground in front of him. All this time Nik had hoped and prayed to be able to meet up with his brother, realize that Staffan couldn't have done what the announcements had claimed he'd done, and the two brothers would find their friends and try to get off the island. Instead, Nik found himself staring a lump of betrayal in the form of someone he loved and trusted. Staffan had been about to kill the girl Nik loved. There was no redemption for him for that.

Nik took a small step forward readying his finger on the trigger. He was about to pull it when heard Evelyn shout for him to stop.

"Nik don't! You can't!"

Nik hesitated. Nik let his wrist go limp as he turned to look back at his girlfriend. That split second was all Staffan needed. Staffan lunged for Nik's hand, grabbing the barrel of the gun.

"Give it to me!" Staffan said as he rose to his feet, struggling against his brother.

Nik fought back against Staffan's strength as the brothers wrestled for control of the gun. Nik saw an opening and placed his leg behind Staffan's, pushing forward as he did so. The brothers fell to the ground.


The gun erupted as the boys hit the earth. Both of them continued to roll around for possession of the gun.


Again the gun fired a wild shot. Neither brother appeared to be hit by the shots. Nik finally managed to swing a mount position on Staffan. Nik slammed Staffan's hand holding the gun into the ground until the grip broke. Both of the boys struggled against each other, Nik trying to throw punches and Staffan defending.

"You motherfucker!" Nik roared as he continued his relentless assault. Nik's fist were starting to break through Staffan's defense. The fists rained down, bloodying Staffan's mouth and nose. Staffan was dazed. Nik grabbed Staffan's shirt collar and pulled his brother's head towards his own.

"You are nothing to me. You are not my friend. You are not my family. You are not my brother." Nik growled before delivering a nose shattering headbutt to Staffan's face.

Nik rose up off his brother, breathing heavily, sweat pouring down his bloodstained face. He turned around to face Evelyn. He saw two things, one was Autumn O'Leary speeding towards the scene. The other thing was...


Nik felt something burn and tear through his midsection, the instant pain of it causing him to fall to his knees then face down on the ground.

Staffan Kronwall had snapped awake again. His brother's back was turned and the gun mere inches away. Staffan had grabbed the gun and fired at his brother's back. Watching Nik fall to his knees was everything Staffan had hoped it would be.

"Ha...haha..ahahaa.." Staffan began to laugh at what he'd just done. Staffan lay back down on his back and closed his eyes, still laughing. He could feel the blood running from his broken nose down the sides of his face.


Staffan's smile faded quickly as something dug itself deep into his chest. Blood spurted from mouth as his eyes rolled back in his head. His body convulsed violently several times. After his body stopped shaking, his head fell limply to the side, the life taken from his eyes.

Fiona's axe had found it's target once again.

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