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"Just hear me out for a sec, Dustin. It was an accident. That guy, Jake, was trying to kill Sunil here and I had to fight him off. He attacked me, I shoved him out the way, he fell over and badly hit his head. I didn't want to kill him... I only wanted to stop him from attacking."

Dustin was frowning. Of course, he wanted to believe his friend. He wasn't a complete dick. But having seen first hand, more than once, what death looked like close up, he couldn't help but be at least a little wary. Self defense was understandable, but who on this island (who wasn't fucking batshit already, like that Lombardi prick apparently was) wouldn't be wanting to claim self defense? It was understandable, yeah, but not provable, and of course Danya twisted every kill to sound like the work of a psychotic asshole, so he was no help. Apparently he was going to test that not-provable claim by calling a witness to the stand. So, he killed someone for this kid? Lets see what he has to say for himself.

"Erm...y-yeah. Garry's totally killing the truth. TELLING the truth, I mean. Sorry."

Dustin raised an eyebrow.

Oh, Jesus. He's an idiot.

"Yeah, Jake tried to kill me, and Garry then stepped in and fought Jake off and Jake fell on an unfortunately-placed cinderblock and cracked his head upon and died."

Sounds like...something that could happen. I guess. Don't like the way he's putting it, but I can't really expect him to muster up sympathy for the guy who tried to kick his ass.

"Garry's perfectly safe. Trust me on that. Seriously. I mean, yeah. He's cool. I mean, Rena's the one you gotta watch out for! Crazy psycho bitch, heheh!"

And Dustin looked immediately at the girl, his eyes widening in recognition.

The crazy psycho bitch comment didn't worry him, particularly, given that Sunil was clearly kidding and Sunil was clearly a fucking idiot. But that name, Rena, told him why that girl looked familiar. It's the girl from the tunnel, the one who freaked out on me for no fucking reason! Fuck, kidding, whatever, she kind of is a psycho bitch. Wait, so she got out of the tunnel, joined up with Sunil and Garry...all this was yesterday? Shit, she must've hustled out of the tunnel...or I just went really fucking slow. Wait, what happened to the other two...?

And now she was freaking out. Awesome.

"I'm not crazy!"

Well, yeah, you're convincing me right now.

"I...I mean...yeah. I'm...uh...Very funny joke Sunil."

Fucking Christ.

"And...uh...hi. Again. Remember me?"

Now she was addressing him directly. Yeah, I remember you, you're the one who accused me of brutal murder for no godfucking reason. Not exactly the best way to make me like you, you know? He seriously considered saying all of that out loud, but decided against it at the last minute and responded to her with only a nod. She wasn't cute enough for him to properly forgive her.

"Well. I think at this point the person here I trust most is the killer," Dustin said, raising his eyebrow again. "Not counting you, of course, beautiful," he added smoothly as he remembered the other girl, the better-looking one, by his side. "You seem...trustworthy." That wasn't totally true, she was a bit quiet for his tastes, but she was cute and that gave her an advantage. "Anyway. So you two-" he nodded towards Sunil and Rena "-seem all kinds of crazy, but I trust Garry. So..." He shrugged. "Guess it works out in the end either way, yeah?"
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