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"Once again, good morning, kids!" Danya spoke jovially, clearly. "I feel like we're really getting to know each other now, in a way. After all, all of you have made it five days. That's better than over a hundred of your peers. That's right, we passed the hundred death mark yesterday, so congratulations indeed on remaining alive. You've only got, well, a hundred and sixtyish people left to outlive now.

"Without further ado, allow me to begin the accounting. First, Nick Reid expanded upon his repertoire of blunt impact death-dealing techniques by killing William Sears with the wrong end of a sword. Next up, Darren Locke was evicted from his hiding spot via dynamite, courtesy of Staffan Kronwall. That particular story doesn't end there though. Staffan managed to shoot down Evelyn Reed and in a bout of sibling rivalry, his brother Nik Kronwall, but then Staffan himself wound up dead too, at the hands of Fiona Sparki. We can officially call that one a bloodbath, kids!

"Marybeth Witherspoon met her end in a particularly... special display of teamwork from Maxwell Lombardi and Clio Gabriella. That'll be one for the reels, if it's not already all over the internet.

"Ricky Fortino managed to kill Isaiah Garvey in a fairly slow manner, via head trauma. Then James Robertson left us with some truly touching and tragic last words, after Reiko Ishida filled his stomach full of lead. Ms. Ishida's schedule seems to be slipping, as that was her only kill today.

"Roman Jackson was stifled in his sleep by Acacia Salinger, Othello style. Then Sofia Martelli spent a lot of time building up to shooting John Smith, who managed to incorporate a cliff dive into his routine. The judges are in: 7.8. Pretty good, Mr. Smith, but the flailing needs some work.

"Marco Stonecastle proved that's it's a terrible idea to rush a known killer with a heavy gun by going after Maxwell Lombardi. Another one bites the dust, folks. Lombardi, seemingly not content, then went off and sprayed Duncan McMahon full of bullets.

"After this, Richard Han managed to topple off a cliff. That'd be another point for the phsyics, kids. Watch your step; you never know what you might land on.

"Hayley Kelly waltzed out of nowhere and blew Jennifer Romita away before she could blink, for our hundredth death of the season. Then Ilario Fiametta shot Timothy Skula, who hit his head on a rock. Those falls can be pretty nasty. You'd be amazed how many people get killed falling on concrete every year. Anyways, after that, Michelle O'Cain took a few bullets to the back from Martin Lovett. Just goes to show, you should pay attention to the people you're killing, not the ones falling screaming from the sky. Live and learn, or, well, don't.

"Someone finally managed to extract a little measure of revenge out of one of our big killers. Clio Gabriella is no more, shot by Tabitha Gweneth.

"We next had a pair of double kills, with Liam Brooks accounting for Raine Schwarz and Ridley Landon. Aren't couple who do everything together just the sweetest? Then Raidon Naoko killed Victoria Logan and Jacob Charles. Avoid Mr. Raidon if you're hoping for an open-casket funeral, folks.

"Hayley Kelly continued her trend of wandering the open areas before randomly blowing someone away when she caught up to Jason Clarke.

"Robert Jenkins chased down Lilian Hayes, showing that not everyone who only killed on the first day has given up completely. Finally, Ben Powell made the phenomenal mistake of painting Courtney Bradley, who in turn painted the ground with Powell's blood.

"We were awfully impressed by the work of Ms. Gweneth. There's a new toy waiting for you in the Town Center.

"Also, stay out of the Inland Woods (Still. You shouldn't be there right now anyways), the Ranger Station, and the Residential Area, including the Town Center. Ms. Gweneth is exempt from those last two for the time it takes to collect her prize.

"Talk to you tomorrow—well, some of you, at least."


First off, congratulations to Geno, who has won BD for the death of Richard Han and therefore gets a roll null. Congrats also to Greg for winning BK for Tabi's kill of Clio.

And now, the most dreadified rolls.

#1 Cassidy Wakemore (Solitair)
#2 Jason Harris (Fanatic) - Sarah Atwell (Fanatic, Swap Card used)
#3 Sapphire McLeod (Dropbear) - Logan Reynolds (Chib, Hero Card used)
#4 Kyle Portman (Dete)
#5 Sebastian Descartes (Super Llama)
#6 Marion Summers (Arscapi)
#7 Joshua Krakowski (Fiori)
#8 Mizore Soryu (storyspoiler) - JJ Sturn (Jonny, Hero Card used)
#9 Sarah Tan (Inky) - Alex Seymour (Lord_Shadow, Hero Card used)
#10 Tyler Franklin (Anderson) - Bill Davis (Anderson, Swap Card used)
#11 Michael Moretti (Karsk) - Tyler Franklin (Anderson, Hero Card used)
#12 Zach Jamis (Ciel) - Johnny McDowell (Ciel, Swap Card used)
#13 Raymond Dawson (outfoxd) - Sofia Martelli (Dr. Nic, Hero Card used)
#14 Colin Falcone (T-Fox)
#15 Bounce Volkova (Clubelle) - Jessie Anderson (Clubelle, Swap Card used)

Since's it's just about the third now, you have until the 6th at midday, GMT to play any relevant cards you wish to take care of, and until the 13th to get the deaths wrapped up, I'd advise to start planning now.

You also of course have three days to clear any DZs you may be in.

Note: Unless it is SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED or you are in a thread with somebody who got rolled then do NOT PM people asking for death rights! This is rude and discourteous and will only annoy people in the long run. Thank you.

Happy killings!

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