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((Colin Falcone continued from Stay Frosty.))

There had been gunfire.


It was a few houses away, at least. But it was in the direction that Jacob had run. The slamming doors of his newfound friend's search had ceased right about when the gunfire had began too. That could mean one of two things. Either Jacob had been shot, or he was lying low, waiting for the fight to cease. It had to be right behind this house. He knew it, the gunfire was just too close.

Now, this left Colin with two options. Either he could go back to regret, fear, and despair, and leave Jacob to his fate. Or he could run in, and try and save his friend; assuming he needed saving.

Okay, the choice was clear. There was no way Colin was letting Jacob die. Not after everything they had gone through to save him. Not after what had happened to Tony in that tunnel. Not after everything he had said, and all the progress he had made.

He raised a hand from his position, pressed against the corner of the house. The motion he made resembled wild flailing, but he hoped it would get the message to Tim across. That message was "we need to get the hell over there and see what is happening." It was just like when he defended Tim on the first day. That detached feeling. That burning fire. That need to do something to help. However this time, there was a difference. Before, it was panic, and complete detachment. Now, now it was urgency, and Colin still felt in some modicum of control.

No, he wouldn't make the same mistake he had made before.

A deep breath.

Just before his foot tucked to round the corner, there was another bang. A loud one. His entire head seemed to split as the echo of the gunshot rang through the town. A soft thud, probably a body hitting the ground. Colin's head peaked around the corner of the building he was using to hide, just long enough to see Jacob's face before his hat covered it completely. Colin heard a pair of voices. One sobbing, a female voice. One cold. Calculating.

He suddenly felt himself break into a cold sweat. Now he was no longer the hero, rushing to save his friend. He was now just a voice to yell for justice, or maybe even a cleanup bri-


Instinctively, he immediately ducked behind the building again, his eyes filled with worry as he looked about for Tim. There wasn't a damned thing they could do for Jacob.

But what about the girl?

Why did he even care, for that matter? Since when had he become a white knight, charging headlong into violence to save the weak and the downtrodden? He was a pacifist, a folk singer, a guitarist. There wasn't likely a single thing he could do for her. And he was not going to ask Tim to fire that weapon of his.

A deep breath.

His voice was a whisper.

"Jesus Tim... What do we do now? J-Jacob's dead... There's two people in there."

The female voice had suddenly stopped crying. When did that happen? It now seemed to be ranting. Words his sensitive ears couldn't quite make out. Something about killing, something about art, something about pride. Following, there was a moment of silence. And then a thump. No accompanying gunshot, but there was a thud of a body hitting the ground. Colin's eyes went wide. He needed to make a decision now, whether he would try and save this girl too, or not.

He'd saved Tim from those girls. He'd saved Jacob from himself. He'd... he'd saved Tony the misery that was waiting him in the days to come.

Another deep breath.
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