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Tyler blinked when he realized (courtesy of Annalise's comment) that yes, he had accidentally talked right at the camera.

"Right. Totally didn't see that." And then he glanced at the camera, again. If he's going to be Ferris...

"Yeah, you can watch another group. I really don't think there's much to see here."

"I don't--you needn't come with us."

Tyler shrugged in response to the don't-need-to-come-with-us hinting. "If you're good to go, that's fine. If you want some help, I'm happy to help." The second half of the second sentence contained a bit more emphasis on it...no, Tyler isn't a complete idiot. He'd just been playing one on TV for the last few minutes. Sort of, at least. Or at least he'd like to think he has, however out of it he might have been to begin with.
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