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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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On paper, the situation seemed pretty cut-and-dry. A hated enemy was now laid dead at Ivan's feet, and her partner (in the romantic sense, but there's no telling whether or not they teamed up on this island) had every right to want both him and Tabi dead. The logical course of action would be to pull that trigger and end Simon's life, as well as his capacity to threaten, right then and there. The logical course of action is also the road that led to Keith's murder, or at least Ivan's justifying it. It was probably the road that Clio had taken when she came to the conclusion she had to kill everybody else.

In other words, it was the road better off not traveled.

He couldn't just let Simon out of his eyesight, though. Not when there could possibly be a weapon on Clio that, once picked up, could be used to shoot him. Or maybe Simon would get straight to the point and shoot Tabi. Ivan stared Simon down as he thought about that particular scenario. There wasn't a chance in hell he would ever let the kid near her, but if by chance he did, there would be no mercy. Yet, he understood what Simon might be feeling, the harshness behind his response to the order to stay back. Ivan had been there, he really did understand.

There in that moment, he felt a bit of begrudging kinship towards those near him at the moment. Simon was feeling the pain of a lost connection, such as the family that neither one of them was ever going to see again, and the dead girl at their feet. Clio, herself, was just another student who had lost her way amidst all the chaos. In spite of everything she had done, the pain and terror she had put Ivan through, he truly did feel sorry for what had to be done. Of course, it was always easier to pity the deceased.

Finally, there was Tabi.

You found it in yourself to stay with me, having witness the terrible thing I had just done. Tabi... how do you feel right now? I want to know... I need to see you.

"Don't follow me," Ivan started as he took a few steps backwards in the direction of the house. "If you try and hurt her, I'll rip off your leg and beat you to death with it." Ivan turned to enter the building. One, two... three steps, before he turned around to look at Simon once more.

"... You can have some time with... her." It was the least he could offer, the smallest token of kindness and sympathy before stepping into the house to find Tabi. The gun had been left on the floor in the doorway, where Tabi had taken the shot. With three fingers, he carefully picked it up by the end of the grip and walked it over to where the other gun laid, next to a bag with Clio's name stamped onto it. Relieving himself of the weapons save for the shotgun, his own personal reminder of why life was precious, Ivan stepped before Tabi.

No matter what happens...

He knelt down to look at her. She looked so alone, hopeless... catatonic, even. It took a few seconds before his athletics experience kicked in, bringing his eyes to her dialated pupils. When Clio had slammed her to the floor, Tabi had probably gotten a concussion from the impact. Those eyes held more than just possible head trauma, though. If the pain he had felt was any indicator... Tabi would need him more than ever. Clio's words rang out one final time, jeering and laughing at his 'poor' choice of companionship. As he reached out to take her hand and help her to her feet, he would know just where he was getting all of his strength from.

I need you to not be afraid.


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