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How cute.
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[Sorry for the delay in getting this out, my brain just hasn't been working too well with Sofia. Finally, we can get this thread wrapped up, before Day 6 rolls around.

All GMing approved.]

Things started to move a little too fast for Sofia to follow once the shotgun refused to fire and blow away that bitch Janet. At first, Sofia didn't quite understand what had happened, dumbstruck by the lack of gunfire and dead bodies. But Janet wasn't wasting any time, charging in with her fist bared and ready to pummel the shotgun toting girl. The way she moved was like a gun had gone off inside her, with no hesitation and no time left for Sofia to react. Her filthy, bloodied fist slammed against Sofia's jaw and sent the girl reeling, stumbling back for a step before she responded in kind. Sofia wasn't about to let Janet get a chance to take the shotgun, just as Sofia had done with John not long before. She held the weapon tight and swung it at Janet, aiming to slam the butt of the gun into whatever she could manage to hit. Preferably her head.

She didn't feel the impact.

The first strike didn't connect and Janet closed in to strike again when Sofia overextended her attack, hoping to catch the shorter girl off-guard. She wasn't expecting Sofia to ram her the moment she came close. At least, it certainly didn't look like she expected it. Sofia followed up the shoulder ram with another swing of the shotgun stock, stepping forward each time she swung the weapon. She was pushing Janet back even if she didn't manage to get in a good, solid strike with the weapon. She just didn't have the range.

Sofia stepped back abruptly and took aim at Janet once again, swinging the shotgun into position at her hip. She squeezed the trigger, over and over, listening with frustration as the gun refused to fire.


Janet didn't look like she was going to let Sofia get away as long as that shotgun wasn't working. Without pause, Janet was on Sofia like white on rice once again, fists swinging as each girl took turns lashing out anyway they could without letting the other take the advantage. Sofia screamed as Janet raked her nails across the would-be mechanic's face, the pain just pushing the girl to lash out that much harder, wanting revenge on Janet. Sofia wanted that cheerleader bitch to suffer now! She wasn't good enough for a head shot, she needed to bleed out slowly! That bitch needed to DIE!

Sofia sent the butt of the shotgun into Janet's gut with a satisfying and hard impact. She shoved the taller cheerleader as hard as she could, putting some distance between the two of them. Sofia wanted that gap to be bigger than it was and scrambled back a good distance before Janet could get her breath back and resume her onslaught. Sofia was at a disadvantage up close when using the shotgun and she knew it, and she suspected that Janet knew it too, but she still wanted that bitch dead. But when she took a second to think about it, fighting Janet up close and personal was just going to cost Sofia so much more than she was willing to give. It would take too much time and she'd already spent far too much time on the cliffs. This would be her last attempt to kill Janet then.

No way in hell was Sofia letting Janet get the shotgun. Even if it meant Sofia couldn't finish what she started.

"Just fucking die you god damn motherfucking cunt!"

Sofia squeezed the trigger as she stared down the sights at the winded Janet.



Sofia shouted and cursed and let out one hell of a scream borne of frustration and anger. Why won't Janet just fucking DIE!?

"I'll finish you, you CUNT!"

Sofia steadied the bag hanging from her shoulder and made sure she wasn't leaving anything behind before she turned on her heel and charged off in the opposite direction, away from Janet. She ran off as fast as she could, cursing and fuming the entire way.

She was not happy.


She screamed before finally slipping out of sight, almost inaudible over the crashing waves below and the sheer distance between the girls.

Sofia definitely wasn't happy.

[Girl #101 - Sofia Martelli. Continued in Read The Fucking Manual.]
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