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Tabitha Gweneth was knocked to the floor.

And then, she heard nothing. All that could be heard, was a low whistle. She felt as if she was submerged in water, with no sound entering her ears.

She was staring at the cream stucco ceiling, strands of hair obstructing her view. Her chest felt like it was 500 pounds and it wouldn't stop its erractic beating. Every few breaths, a hiccup escaped her lips, but the sound, was not waiting for her.

It had escaped Tabi's notice, but her hands were still squeezing the hand grip. The sweat that eaked in, worked like a glue, binding her fingers to the metal device. Her arms could not stop shaking, causing the gun to bounce off of her chest.

The girl was lost in her clouded mind. What had happened? She was standing with a gun pointed to her only moments ago. And now she was on the floor, weezing.

Tabi finally realized the object in her hand. Had? had she fired the gun? No, she remembered now. She was trying to get Clio to leave. To stop them from firing the gun. Clio had pointed the gun at her in return. And now she was on the floor. Had she been shot? No. She was fine. Had she fired the gun?

No that couldn't be right. I never touch-

The sound started out muffled. And then it grew. And then, she heard it all...

It was the sound of screaming. The voice was familiar. And it caused the quavering girl to freeze.

Tabi mouthed a silent 'no' and closed her eyes. No it couldn't be. It just...couldn't be. She wasn't hearing what she heard. She didn't want it to be true.

And yet she rose up to look...

On the ground was a bloody, flailing form. The dyed hair stood out like a sore thumb. It was Clio Gabrella.

Tabi's jaw began to slack, and her heart began to sink deeper and deeper. The sounds that came from her mouth were unitelligable, blood began to spew from her mouth, trickling down her chin. Her eyes, the mismatched eyes of someone, who only moments ago, was the most confident and frightening person, were now full of tears. Full of fear.

Those green and brown eyes caused the skater to stare. They had her fixed to the spot. She wanted to close her eyes, but she couldn't. Clio's eyes commanded her to watch. Every. Single. Moment.

The dying girl had turned to look at a boy. A boy that Tabi had not seen before. Crawling on her hands and knees, she moved in his direction. Clio was begging for his help. She was calling for him.

The boy knelt down, and Clio locked into a hug. Her arms gripped his neck, and her body shook with her sobs. She stared into her face, and said something, she could not hear.

Tabi finally was able to close her eyes. She could look no more. She squinted them tight, refusing to let them see the final moments.

As fast as the sound had returned to her. The sound came to a halt. And yet, it was the loudest thing Tabi ever heard. Louder then fireworks on the 4th of July, louder that the biggest plane, louder than any gun.

The pistol finally slipped out of her hands, piercing the silence with a low thunk.

Her eyes lifted, peaking into the distance. That was enough to see it all. Her body was limp and flopped onto the street. The trail of blood ran from Ivan to the boy. Hey mismatched eyes staring out, looking into the distance...

Tabi found her legs pushing away, she wanted to cry, but she couldn't. They just wouldn't come. The only thing she could see inside the clouded hum, was those eyes.

The girl scanned the room, she needed to hide. There had to be a place. Somewhere.

The room was sparse, there was nothing down hear that she could find. No chairs, no tables, no closet that she could see. All there was, was a corner. A lonesome, empty corner.

Tabi tried to walk. But her legs wouldn't lift her. Her breath started to waver once more. She had to hide. She was now a killer.

She got onto her hands and knees. And scrambled to the end of the room. Ignoring the carpet and how it burned against her bare skin. She rushed to that empty place. The place screaming for her.

The girl could hear Ivan and the boy talking, but all it was to her was chatter. There was a more important job at stake.

The corner was small, confined, but it was comfortable. The murderer had placed her back to the wall, and rested her head against its mate. Her limp arms wrapped themselves around her belly. A stray finger found a hole in her sleeve. A hole that brought back the eyes. The finger poked through, and began to massage her skin.

Staring down at the shag carpet, Tabi Gweneth; the murderer was left with her thoughts...
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