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So wait, the girl was a cripple AND crazy, right from the start? And was another person who had killed?

Aileen... didn't know what to make of that.

So apparently, this "Jacquard" girl knew Aaron, and he felt that she was messed up in the membrane and had a personal vendetta against him. Well then. So he did that because he had personal experience with her issues before as well as the fact that he remembered that she and Rob had killed.

Okay, so that didn't completely justify what he did back there. But at least she knew what was going on up there in Aaron's mind. God, this kid was confusing. All the kids at school usually confused her in some way or another, but Aaron had pretty much set a new record for what-the-fuck moments.

But to be honest, now that she thought of it, she probably would have done something similar if she had the gun.

But hey. Aaron immediately changed the subject, saying what they needed to do was scout out the areas, and act out their plan, which was potentially very dangerous. What plan? She guessed it had something to do with the power generator he had mentioned before... well, before the killers decided that their little spot was the best hang-out on the island.

But Milo replied with the most intelligent and sensitive of comments... namely, bursting into laughter and making fun of their pursuer's name and disability. Charming.

"Yes. What a good name for her. How about we call you Mil-ron as well?" Aileen replied back, not even looking at him.

Well, at least she had simmered down enough in the past few minutes. Seriously, as long Aaron didn't randomly shoot at people or run ahead of the group again, she was going to be fine.

Anyways, so whatever Aaron had planned, he was about to enact it. Well, at least it was an improvement over the dilly-dallying they had been doing over the past few days. Heck, they could even find some other people to help them. Weren't there three others back at the gazebo? That girl with the soap, whatever her name was, Other Lily, and... uh... damn, she didn't know that guy's name either. What was his name? Ragga? Rocko? The Rock? And it didn't help she didn't know Soap Girl's name either. Damn, this was possibly the worst time for her fabulous ability to forget names. Anyways, even if Other Lily and Rocko (for lack of a better thing to call him) were out of their gourd like they had first suspected or just didn't want to be part of the group, perhaps they would end up telling them something they didn't know before if they ran into them again. Same went with soap girl. And hey! They were supposed to meet up with Aaron's lady friend and her buddies as well, right? When were they supposed to do that, again? And then... Polanski.

Aileen walked over to her things and unzipped one of the bags, pulling out a water bottle. Damn, she was almost out. Sure, she had tried to be conservative with her water use, but with all the exercise Aaron was putting her through plus the heat... yeah. It was surprising that even just now she was running low. Making sure to take the hammer with her (she wasn't taking any chances after THAT bit of chaos back there), she went back with her water, placing herself on the ground and taking a sip of what was left. Well, at least it felt nice actually sitting for once.

"Anyways... scouting. Right. I've been trying to keep track of how many cameras there are in each place we go to, but I keep forgetting to count. Been distracted" she said once the bottle had been pried from her lips. "So, I guess I'll try doing that again. Meanwhile, hiding spots... no more houses."

It pained her to say it. But there it was. Aileen, like many American teens, had grown accustomed to having a roof over her head. But...

"Remember last time, Aaron? People swarmed the place. It's the first place people will try to go for shelter. We could try something natural instead of man-made here."

There. Her thoughts for now. Hopefully Aaron wouldn't ignore her thoughts, or worse yet, follow her thoughts to the exact letter and do something stupid with them.

Coming to a V7 near you.
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