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Well, colour her surprised. She didn't actually think that whole 'back down or else' thing would work. Maybe because she didn't add in an overt threat? Whatever the reason or rationale, she wasn't complaining. A chance to get out of this without Bounce or Vic getting hurt? Yeah, sure, sign her up. Especially if it meant she didn't have to take a bullet for anyone. Once was, yeah, once was enough for her to decide that was no fun. The fact that Tim was backing down was proof enough not everyone on the island was as crazy as Raidon.

All the same, she'd wait for Tim to join his friends in leaving before returning to Vic. It wasn't that she didn't trust him, it was just, well, she didn't trust him. She didn't care what he did or where he went, as long as it didn't interfere with her group. Alice just wanted him gone, before he did something stupid with that gun of his. To be fair, he seemed pretty level-headed, but taking a chance on someone with a gun was hardly conducive to long term survival.

She watched the group trickle away, one by one. First Jacob, then Colin, and finally Tim. Until they were out of sight, Alice remained where she was, standing directly between Bounce and danger. Only when the whole group dropped out of sight did Alice turn to Bounce and flash her a relieved smile. "I'm happy with how that worked out, aren't you?"

She cast a surreptitious glance over her shoulder just to make sure Tim wasn't trying something by doubling back before turning back to Bounce. "So, how about we try that greeting again? Minus the tackling?" Alice rolled her shoulder before wincing at the pain that caused and remembering to never do that again. She threw her arm around Bounce, hugging her for a second before letting go and stepping back. "I am really glad to see you again, Bounce. It's great to see a friendly face." The taller girl stepped around Bounce and started toward the road Vic was crouching on last she saw her. "I'll grab Vic and we can head somewhere a little less populous. What do you think? Sounds good?"

Well, that would have been the plan, if Vic was where she was supposed to be. Alice stepped onto the street where Vic had been hiding and felt something that could only be dread. Of course, there was no cause for alarm, she was probably just, maybe, hiding in a building or something? She saw Tim with his gun and didn't want to risk him getting spooked when he saw a third person, so she hid. The jacket on sidewalk, her jacket, that was probably just a marker or something. Right?

Alice took a tentative step toward her jacket, feeling the first stirring of fear behind the dread. "Vic? It's safe, you can come out now." She called out, her eyes darting back and forth for some sign or indication of where Vic was hiding. Because the alternative, that Vic had ran off, was too painful to even bear thinking about. Well, maybe she could have been attacked? Sure, she had time to take off her jacket before she was killed without the Mexican stand-off happening a stone's throw away hearing.

"Vic, it's okay, it's me. Come on." Alice called out again, trying to write off the tremble in her voice as her imagination. She had to be around here somewhere, she just had to be! But she wasn't, and Alice knew it. She was, God, she was gone. She'd left Alice behind. But that was, it was impossible. Vic loved her, there was no way that she'd leave. Yet that was exactly what happened. Alice felt sick. Sick and angry and betrayed and hurt. She wanted to scream or cry, she wasn't sure which was more likely.

But she couldn't do any of those things, as much as she wanted to. She was trembling, shaking, but she forced herself to steady. If she was alone, she could wallow in self-pity as much as she wanted to. But she wasn't alone. Bounce was here now, and relying on her. Alice choked back a sob as she recovered her jacket. She tried not to think of Vic wearing it not long ago as she put it back on. She especially tried not to think of Vic getting hurt because she wasn't there to protect her.

With all the resolve she could muster, Alice pulled herself together and returned to Bounce. With a forced calm on her voice, Alice said, "Vic's gone. Where should we head next?"
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