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As little of Jojo as Brendan knew, it was safe to say that he knew he would be safe around him. They shared a class, that had to mean something, right? It wasn't like everyone who knew him at least by name would...you know, start with Brendan? Cause, well, they knew each other, so...


So, first thing was first; Jay Holland?...ah, he remembered that guy. Stoner, right? Madelyn was probably the only person he knew from that kinda crowd, and even then that didn't change the basic fact that he had no idea where anyone was.

"I...haven't, uh, seen Jay, uh, no..." Brendan muttered. He'd gone back to holding his throbbing hand. Fucking rock thrower, whoever it was...

What? His hand? First aid? Knowing his luck it would probably involve stitches again, so...maybe not.

Jojo was rapid-firing off questions so fast he hardly had time to respond, so when he finally stopped, Brendan cleared his throat and started to speak a little on his own.

"I, uh, don't really know. I...I was just sitting here, and I haven't seen anyone, I haven't seen anyone or looked or anything, so...I don't know."

He looked away from Jojo and his massive sledgehammer, back at the darkness to his left, where said person was probably waiting. It sounded like they'd taken a tumble or something.

...I think I'm going to regret this, but...

He lifted his torch up to the darkness, and shone it through.

"...Hello? Who's, uh, out there?"
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I can't sing but I wrote you a song

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