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((Autumn O'Leary continued from The Cloud Minders))

Autumn trudged dutifully forward. The dirt was kicked up and she half shuffled forward. From somewhere far off she heard an explosion and picked her head up. Autumn had no idea the source of the noise so she continued on. She had gotten separated from that other girl, the one from the tunnels. It was just as well, she didn't seem very trust worthy or stable.

You're one to talk.

Her normally line-straight posture was starting to slump forward and though she hated when other people didn't pick up their feet, she felt them weighing her down. She'd been going forward for quite some time on her own, not really knowing where she was going, only knowing that it would be too depressing to go back. She stopped a moment and pushed her hair backwards back into the hair band, sighing deeply. She was behind some sort of building. From far off she heard some voices. Autumn took a step back, ready to run again, but then a a bolt of recognition flashed in her mind.

"I know those voices. I'd know them anywhere," she said quietly to herself.

They were coming from the other side of the building. The familiarity of the tones hummed throughout her. They pulled her to them. Autumn made sure her pack was secure on her shoulder and took off running. She sped towards the voices she knew so well.
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