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Li was completely unsupervised in what could be considered a player's playground, but a sane girl's nightmare. Aaron, Aileen, and Milo were only 50 feet in front of her, and even though when watching Jackie was still powerless with her rudimentary understanding of what was really happening in her inner turmoil, Li was still completely and utterly unsupervised.

Thankfully, the girl who had been born four days before, a figment, the small, Vietnamese girl with pigtails in her own mind and heart, apparently didn't share Jackie's tolerance or acclimation to the pain of a crippled leg.

Sitting against a tree, rubbing that cursed leg, she sat. She listened to every single word, drinking in the information that they so happily and readily fed her. Assess the situation. There was obviously turmoil inside their group. Aileen was not happy with Aaron for his stunt a few hours ago. That and the group had considerably shrunk, so she could infer that his cowardly tactics had actually managed to lose him some followers.

That made her debate whether or not she really needed to speak up to make Aaron's 'plan' fall apart.

However, Milo sounded like nothing but a loyal lapdog, a hired gun, a mindless mook to Aaron's scheme. While she doubted that logic could pander to the bumbling fool, she probably could win Milo's loyalty by spreading paranoia and fear born from convincing Aileen that staying with Aaron wasn't in her best interests.

Unfortunately though, it looks like Aaron had seated it in his group's mind that she was a player, a pre-existing killer. Whether or not that was true (and that fact was seriously up for debate), it was a bad thing to have that reputation roaming the island here. She needed allies, she needed a lap dog to order and help her. With this cursed leg, she couldn't win. She knew she couldn't win. She needed to outsmart everyone else, not out-gun them. Although a little of both wouldn't be the worst idea in the world.

There were some gentle grumblings in the back of her head that she couldn't quite make out. Jackie's presence was gone, so she had probably just discovered the mindscape. That meant Li probably had a few hours of a window where she could do and say as she wanted with no supervision, no help, no scoldings. Like a little giddy fifteen year old schoolgirl who had found her first cigarette, she grinned. Her opportunity was now, she just needed to get up.


Didn't the first aid kit have some asprin?

She rifled as quietly as she could through her bag, however the occasional clank or rustle made itself known. The first aid kit opened surprisingly quickly, and within a moment the aspirin were downed.

Okay. Just a few minutes... Just a few minutes. Then it's time.
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