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This had all gone to hell so, so fast. Jacob was running off, and within a few seconds, he ducked behind a building and was gone. Tim did seem legitimately sorry for having tensed the situation though, so... there was that. Colin wasn't mad, not at all. He was more... frustrated with the entire situation. He couldn't blame Tim. Fear and paranoia... They made sense. In all honesty, his survival instincts had probably just decided that he should have some show of power in a tense situation.

Unfortunately, for someone who had to deal with it all, having a clear head, Colin saw it for what it was.

"Tim... Don't worry about it. We should probably just go though."

A few moments of silence. He glanced over to Bounce and Alice, and back to Tim.

"We should probably find Jacob though."

A door slammed off in the distance. Probably Jacob looking for his bag. Thankfully, that meant that they had a trail of breadcrumbs to follow. Head towards the sound.

A soft sigh. He had never had to deal with anything like this before. Sure, there was a little tension sometimes. Hell, once after a show, some drunk jackass started harassing him for not playing "Five Finger Death Punch", whoever the hell they were. You just... don't go to a cafe looking for a metal show.

That was the night he asked Bill to quit serving Irish Coffees. Cops weren't good for what was slowly at the time turning into a hipster hangout.

Another slam, off in the distance. This one a lot quieter than the first. Jacob was moving away, at a speed he couldn't quite fathom for someone hunting for something. He was probably jittery, frustrated, and trying to move as fast as he could. Hell, that bag could be in the first house he 'checked'.

"Come on Tim. I think Jacob's this way."

His voice raised as he turned to address the girls who he had unfortunately brought more fear upon.

"I'm sorry! We're leaving. We aren't going to come back, we don't want to hurt you."

Stress on the don't. He wanted them to know that his group was not a threat. Really, the two trios were really similar. Just three people who grouped up to survive. Trying to find strength in numbers, solace in friends and like minded forms. Who knows if Bounce, Alice, and Vic knew each other before all this happened? Actually, quite a few people probably, but he didn't. And he knew he would never know. He just regretted that it was so late in this... excuse for a game. Maybe if they'd all met on day one, with the fear of being alone so fresh in their minds, them maybe, just maybe they could all travel together in relative safety.

He shuffled back, adjusting his bag on his back.

"Come on... Let's just get out of here."

((Colin Falcone continued All's Fair. ))
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