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((GMing of Clio Gabriella and Ivan Kuznetsov done with permission from Inky and MK Kilmarnock, respectively))

Clio turned around. Smiled as if, for a second, everything was going to be okay. And for that second, even though Clio was holding a shotgun to someone's head, everything was okay.

"Simo-" BANG An explosion in her side accompanied by a spray of red. And then Clio dropped the gun as she clutched her wound and fell to the ground.

"AHH! AAHHHHHH! AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She reached out, calling to him. "Simon ... SIMON! SIMON! SIMON HELP ME! SIMON HELP ME, PLEASE! SIMON!" She started dragging herself across the road towards him as Simon finally snapped out of it and quickly moved towards her.

No. This is not happening! (What did you expect? She was about to make her sixth kill. Someone was likely to kill her, if only for self-preservation) Shut up, rational mind. When they got close enough, Clio wrapped her arms around his neck as he bent down and lifted her upper body slightly off the pavement as Clio lifted her head to Simon's ear.

"Simon, help me! I-I'm sorry Simon! I didn't mean to, please help me, I don't wanna die, please, do something, just help me Simon! PLEASE! Please ... " Simon squeezed his eyes shut, a desperate attempt to hold back the tears. She may have been a killer, but with all their experiences together, well, she was his killer.

"Simon, please, help me, help me, I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die ... I didn't, I didn't, I-I didn't think there was another way, I just wanted to get off, Simon." Clio confessed. Was it genuine repentance? In a way, it didn't really matter as she started to lose her grip, but desperately kept herself hanging on.

"I ... Simon, just run, Simon. Just ... Clio let out a yelp before her final word escaped her lips.

"... live." Simon bowed his head. In his heart of hearts, he had forgiven Clio for her actions, whether it was deserved or not. He looked at the now limp form of his girlfriend, only then noting that his left hand was now clasped around something. He opened it to reveal the key that Clio, in her dying breath had moved his hand around.

To My Heart.

"I want you to back away. ... Please. There's nothing you can do for her now." The other guy stated. Simon hung his head as he lowered Clio to the ground, and removed her necklace from her neck and placing it around his own.

"You don't think that I realize that?" Simon asked, betraying no emotion, if only due to the fact that the emotions that were going through him were in such a mish-mash that he he didn't know what he was feeling.

Had Simon been thinking about it, he would have thought of the tale of Orestes. His father was Agamemnon, his mother was Clytemnestra. Anyone familiar with those two characters knew of the tale of Agamemnon's death - killed by his own wife - depending on the source, either because Clytemnestra had fallen in with Aegisthus, or because Agamemnon had sacrificed his daughter Iphigenia for good winds.

A lesser known tale was the Orestia, the trilogy of Greek plays surrounding Orestes' reaction to that event. The decision for Orestes would have been easy had Agamemnon been murdered by anyone other than Clytemnestra - avenge his father's death by killing the one responsible. However, Clytemnestra, Orestes' mother, had been the killer, and matricide was a huge taboo in Greek society. So the decision came - was Orestes going to be a traitor to his father, or his mother's killer?

That was how Simon was feeling - one the one hand, someone had just killed Clio, Simon's girlfriend, and not simply for the sex. On the other hand, the chances were that whomever had shot Clio had done so in self-defense. In short, he could either do what could be seen as a betrayal to the girl he loved, or he could avenge what could be seen as a pretty justified kill. So the question was, as Simon stood there by his now-dead love, along with the guy with the shotgun, was which course of action - retreat or revenge?

Orestes had chosen revenge, but Simon ...
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