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"Wait a minute. Just where exactly did you and Alex get the idea that I was going to kill Hayley? Honestly, sounds like you two are the bloodthirsty ones. Trying to egg me on into killing someone, trying to take advantage of my feelings for James. Wow, who knew you were that devious Alex, trying to turn Charlie and me against each other. First, you purposely get wounded so Charlie here feels indebted to you. Then you beg someone to cut your arm off, refusing any sort of proper medical treatment, even though you both had first aid kits. Finally, you decide that I'm going to kill Hayley. Just what exactly is your game?"

Charlene's expression momentarily showed confusion. Thea was getting a little paranoid. As far as Charlie knew, Alex and Thea didn't even know of each other until the game started, not to mention that Charlie had clearly mentioned that she simply wouldn't stop Thea from killing Hayley if Thea tried to do it (actually, it hadn't been that clear). Of course, given how much James meant to Thea, it wouldn't exactly be unexpected if Thea did try to kill Hayley. Then Tall Boy spoke up:

"I ... do think this is a rather large misunderstanding. Neither I nor Alex have any inclination to harm you or anyone else. I am under the impression, in fact, that Alex is attempting to prevent further bloodshed." Charlie approached Thea and murmured furtively, just loud enough so that only Thea could make it out:

"Thea, all I said was that if you tried to get Hayley, then I'm not going to stop you. I'll just look the other way if you decide to do it ... with the gun they gave me." Charlie looked around to make sure that Alex and Tall Boy weren't looking, then winked at Thea.

Ugh. Must I always say everything over again? (Yes, you do. Maybe you wouldn't have to re-explain what you said if you said it right the first time.)
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