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He sized up her grip, and let out another sigh. He had work to do, alright.

He approached slowly, motioning with his hands for her to hold still. First things first, he gently removed her index finger from inside the trigger guard. It wasn't loaded, sure, but it never hurt to learn proper trigger discipline. Moreover, the gun didn't have a lot of kick, but it would still be tough to hold steady the way her arms were positioned. He walked around behind her, bending down a bit so their eye levels were even. Even at her height, they were always an impressive mismatch in that regard. He brought his arms around her, straightening out her right arm, leaving the left bent just a bit to support it. His chin over her right shoulder, he couldn't help but think that this was the closest he'd gotten to first base with her, let alone that this was the longest he'd ever waited to do so. Heaven knew she was worth it, though.

He placed his hands on her hips, adjusting her stance a bit so she had her right foot forward. As he did so, he reminded himself he was just teaching her how to shoot. That was it. She was gonna go home, find someone better for her, and live as normal a life as she could. He was just here to make sure that happened. If God wanted anything else of him, neither of them would be here. This was his purpose, right here. Just this. Nothing more.

And you know what?

He could live with that.
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