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Helen nodded at Isabel neatly dished out instructions, quite happy to comply. She knew a tiny amount of morse code. Well, she knew S, and O, and how to flash out her name, the latter being a skill that was never going to be useful. When would she ever need to say "Helen" via morse code? It might have been better to learn "We are high school students kidnapped on an island, our coordinates are these" but in fairness, that wasn't something her Girl Scout leader could have predicted. She walked up to Roland, who apparently knew the whole alphabet, and scribbled something down on her bit of paper.

"Hey, if you write down a key for the morse code I can help you write it. I already know S, O, H, E, L and N." Lots of words you could make with that...

This whole thing was starting to make her feel very uncomfortable. What were the odds that someone who knew morse code would walk in just as they cracked into some secret information that they needed to transmit somehow to the outside world. Helen felt her pulse quicken, and she fluttered her hands over the collar on her neck. Was it a good idea, this staying quiet thing? Maybe they should be making normal conversation about the weather and people who had died and jokey ways of escaping, the sort of things they always talked about. They must know where they were, and as it was, they were all being very quiet in an area that was currently not in camera view. If that hadn't ignited their suspicion then she didn't know what would. Unless they were all distracted by Liz. If that was the case... then they probably owed their lives to her. Just as Liz owed her life to her. Maybe.

Life was beautifully symmetrical sometimes.

Passing her scribbled not to Roland, Helen took a glance around at the people in the station. There was her, Isabel who had suddenly become leader. Dave, whom she suspected had a bad history with Roland was stood near Winnie, looking as terrified as she had done when they'd first come across her. Charlie was absent, Helen had seen her leave for a shower with her bag, and become instantly aware with dull feeling that she probably wasn't coming back. Then there was Feo, the one who had orchestrated the whole thing and who had build the contraption and found the information. Really, this was all down to her. Roland and Kitty she didn't know well, she had shared a Home Ec class with Kitty a few years back, and was pretty sure Roland had popped up in a class or two, but they had never really talked. They seemed to know Dave and Isabel and share some awkward Island history, something Helen didn't feel was a good thing.

She took a sip of water, almost enjoying the sudden flurry of activity (she was very near the end of her book, only it was about the most boring book she'd ever read and she wanted it to be over with, even if it was probably going to be the last one before she died, at least she would be a little bit more well read than she had been before).
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