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Saul pressed himself down against the short grass, knowing his outburst would've given himself away to whoever was ahead of him. It had to have done. Just moments after he shouted out, the person next to the dead body made a dash for it, leaving the corpse to rot by itself. Saul just lay there, breathing through his nose so as to minimize noise. He listened intently to his surroundings. No more gunshots, no more cries of anguish. 'It's finally calmed down around here, thank God,' Saul thought.

The flashlight was still on at the bottom of the hill, casting its circle of light over a small area of sand and grass. 'Whose is that?' he wondered. 'Does it belong to that person who just scarpered? Does it belong to the,' he gulped, 'corpse?'

Whoever it belonged to, his 8-ball had still rolled somewhere in that direction, and he needed to reclaim it. Sure, it was a crappy weapon, but right about now it was the only thing he had. When it came down to it, a plastic ball that gave him random yes/no/non-committal answers was better than absolutely nothing. Not by much, but still.

Saul got to his feet and, while crouched down, he slowly made his way down the slope, making sure to avoid tripping over the body. One thing he couldn't avoid was the dew that had already accumulated on the surface of the putting green. And as such his foot slipped on the damp grass, sending Saul somersaulting backwards with a loud yelp and landing painfully on his backside. He slid down the slick grassy incline for a few inches before coming to a rest.

"Ow..." Saul moaned, slumping onto his back and staring up at the dark night sky. 'Can this night get any worse?'
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