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((ASSUMING CONTROL of Tiffany Chanders))

Quincy was an asset. Many people would have agreed with Tiffany on this. However, many of those people saw Quincy as such because he was a good guy who honored his promises. Tiffany saw Quincy in a slightly different way: Quincy was an asset because he was able and willing to do what she told him to do. That wasn't the first thing that went through her head at this turn of events.


That was the first thing to come to Tiffany's mind.


The second was, as the girl without he rifle swung her gun to point at Quincy was: Do I expose myself or stay here? The answer to that was rooted in yet another question: Who's the bigger asset? Well, let's see:

Reasons to jump out and save Quincy: He was strong, he was loyal, and he had a gun. Reasons to stay hidden and risk losing Quincy for new girl: New girl had a bigger gun, and, well, that was really it. It didn't really seem like she would fall for any of Tiffany's tricks. If the girl was bluffing, or didn't manage to blow off Quincy's head, Tiffany could always play the scared little girl, scared to come out because of the BIG FUCKING GUN. But if Rifle Girl wasn't bluffing, she'd have the Big Gun and be able to add Tiffany's gun to the mix, and there was no way in hell that Tiffany would be able to defend herself against that girl as things were now. Not when all Tiffany had was a golf club.

Even though Tiffany didn't realize it, what went through her head was essentially a cost-benefit analysis that led her to sniff and put on that face she put on when she got into that fight with Bridget Connolly (among other things), the one that said "I'm an innocent victim in all this."

"Okay, I'm coming out!" Tiffany stepped out of the bush, her hands, and the golf club, above her head, sounding as scared as she possibly could. "Please don't hurt him! I - I saw somebody over there!" Tiffany motioned over to where she had heard that other person. Actually, she motioned about ten yards away from where he was. That way, it was less likely for anyone to question why she was in the bushes in the first place. "I thought I saw a gun, and I was just trying to get away from him!" Tiffany fleetingly thought about how this was the best type of lie - the one with enough of the truth in it to make it believable.
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