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Milo was pleased by this answer. Even if Milo still had no clue what the fuck Aaron was doing, at least Aaron clearly knew, and Milo was (unsurprisingly) willing to trust just about anyone that wasn't shooting at him. Aaron certainly fit that description.

In addition, Aaron seemed to be happy to have Milo in the group. Although this was something of a foreign concept to Milo, who had believed for quite a while that he was the only person who appreciated his greatness, he was glad to find a cohort in his self-exaltation.

He also seemed to be confident that they'd lost Rob and the girl, who Milo now knew was named Jacquard. Interesting name for a cripple, he thought. Usually cripples had names like Derpy Mcdurrhurr. His small cluster of neurons fired, and after a few seconds of deep thought, Milo suddenly howled with laughter, almost completely apropos of nothing.

"Hey guys, I think I'm gonna start calling that Jacquard chick Jac-tard! Because she's a crippled retard!" he said very loudly, barely managing to recover from his laughing fit. This death-filled island of death and more death was turning out to be quite fun for someone with no real moral compass, a bizarre fetish for himself, and a general lack of intelligence after all.
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