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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
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((Sorry Sunny, but going to have to do this.))

Josée was over the moon that she had been reunited, she was so caught up in her reunion, that she almost didn't notice the argument that was kicking off behind her.

"...You better tell me, what the fuck are YOU doing. I heard the announcement..."

Josée only caught the end of the argument, but she knew that Cisco was probably on the receiving end.

"I was just following orders!" Cisco was really taking a verbal beating. "Death...Joe...I was reaping souls for him... I don't wanna die...I don't wanna die..." Josée had to step in before someone was shot, unfortunately peaceful negotiation had never been Josée's strong point.

"Come on Cisco, calm down, no-one's going to hut you." Josée put her arm round Cisco to try and comfort him. "He didn't mean to kill her, I saw it myself, it was all a stupid accident." Josée tried to sound calm but after she had started talking, even she realised that her voice had an unintentional slither of spite in it. "So stop shouting, if we've got a plan, then we carry it out, but we're not going to go killing each other, I've just got away from one knife-twitching fool and the last thing I want is a whole bloody group of them." Josée started to calm down and her voice became ever so slightly more polite. "So if anyone has any clues as to where the Hell in the world is Survival of the Fittest, please tell us."
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