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((Anti-inactivity post. Well, since Mike is asking Cisco...))

"What am I doing Cisco?" Mike replied, quite irritated, "Isn't it obvious? I'm trying to get out of here. I'd rather take the chance and risk dying for that, rather than sit on my ass, and hope for one to two hundred chance to be the sole survivor. Especially, since I'm not going to..."

Mike then stopped. And for some strange reason, it was almost as if both of them knew exactly what he was going to end his sentence with. And that meant his cover, or whatever pitiful excuse passed for whatever cover he was thinking of at the moment, was blown like half the men on Rosa Fiametta's block.

"Actually, no... Scratch that. You better tell me, what the fuck are YOU doing. I heard the announcement..."

For the first time since - well, only the last time it got cold at night - Cisco started to tremble. If he wasn't going to die from Mike attempting to carry out his plan, he was probably going to die if Mike decided to prevent him from stopping it.

"I was just following orders!" he whimpered, the classic Nuremberg trial line a blatant lie even to Cisco, knowing quite well that what he did was defying orders, however much of a charade those were themselves. "Death...Joe...I was reaping souls for him..." Yet, as the defendants themselves once preached, the more he repeated that delusion to himself, the more he believed it as truth. Especially when one was already mentally unstable and left on a desert island to kill people. That didn't stop him from taking an accusing stare at Mike, though.

"I don't wanna die...I don't wanna die..." he then repeated, more to himself than to Mike, as he slowly slid one hand into his record sleeve. The only advantage he had at this point was that Mike didn't know (either) that there was a bloodied circular sawblade lodged in that record sleeve. He figured that if he drew it out and threw it quick enough, he could take Mike's head clean off before he could draw some kind of gleaming chrome pistol and plant one through his face.

"I don't want you to kill me..."
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