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Who the fuck was that? Who threw that rock at him? He sat there, rocking back and forth while he wrapped his hand in his shirt. Someone thought he must of wanted to kill them, and...well, it looked really incriminating. He had his flashlight on, and there was a gunshot from the other aforementioned darkness. Really, *Incriminating* didn't even begin to describe it. He had no idea what they were thinking, but if they were trying to knock him out with a rock, it couldn't have been an innocent thought rushing through their mind.

Still, the fact remained that a rock from nowhere just tried to kill him. That must have meant that whoever out there...

"Oh my God!"

There it was. Someone out there wasn't keeping their mouth shut. It had to be whoever threw that rock at him, so now it was just a matter of keeping quiet and...well, if he turned off that flashlight, then whoever just tried to kill him wouldn't know where he was.

...wait, try to kill me?

I'm jumping to all the wrong conclusions.

I just shot out into the dark, and then they tried throwing a rock at whoever they thought, for all intents and purposes, was trying to kill them. I'm an idiot, why the hell would I just think someone was going out for me?

I am a big idiot, really.

His self-hating musings were interrupted by a voice to his side, someone was there, someone who knew him. At least they knew his name, but that wasn't the same as knowing him, really.



Brendan looked over to his left, where he saw the guy, squatting down in the sand next to him. The whisperer. He wasn't the guy who chucked that rock at him, that much was for sure. Even though he knew Jojo wouldn't be the sort to hurt him, he still grabbed both his gun and his flashlight and brought them close.

"Jojo? I...hey," Brendan muttered quietly.
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