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"Soryu!" Raidon yelled, barely able to hear his own words over the ringing in his ears. She had pitched over the banister and Raidon was after her in an instant, pounding to the edge.

By the time he'd gotten there she was already moving along the ground, dragging one damaged leg behind her and screaming as she moved. Raidon felt the blood in his veins turn to ice, a glacier forming in the pit of his stomach and making its implacable advance to every one of his limbs. He watched as she made her way to Victoria Logan, crying, tearing off her shirt to try and staunch the blood. Raidon watched, the cold still rising in him and weakening him further.

It was Logan who stopped Soryu from moving. Started to speak, though Raidon couldn't hear what she was saying. Lifted a hand to Soryu's cheek and caressed her cheek. Raidon watched this, held himself completely still on the hand fell back to the ground. Victoria's lips didn't move anymore; her chest ceased to rise and fall, as well.

He'd killed her.

As though there were another choice. She came after you.

Because I hurt the girl she loved.

You tried to settle it without killing them. Accept responsibility.

Accept responsibility. Right.

He swallowed and moved to the stairs, starting to descend them as soon as he reached them. It didn't matter if she hated him right now; she had fallen because of him, and Raidon would be damned if he let her try and run away on an injured leg or something. She could run after he treated her, if she chose. For now, he was going to-

The door slammed open.

Raidon lifted his head. There was a boy standing there--Jacob, Raidon thought. Strong-looking, muscular. Staring at Victoria Logan and the bloodstained Mizore Soryu.

Who he immediately charged at.

Without a thought, Raidon lifted his gun.

Raidon couldn't see a weapon in Jacob's hand. Maybe he could have been talked down. Maybe he could be prevented some other way. But here, on this island, Raidon had realized that there was no time for second-guessing, no time for diplomacy, no time for stupid wastes of time. Victoria Logan had sought Raidon out and fired without hesitation; Raidon had extended her the same courtesy. Jacob, likewise, was racing towards Mizore Soryu.

And the fact was that Raidon was not going to tolerate that.

He pulled the trigger before Jacob had crossed halfway across the room. The trigger clicked emptily, devoid of any accompanying gunshot, and Raidon's eyes flashed wide.

Oh sweet fuck I never reloaded.

So he was now holding an empty gun while Jacob charged towards Soryu and sonofabitch he was not going to let that happen because he had dropped his useless gun on the stairs and he was already running forwards without thinking about the consequences, without thinking about his sense of self-worth or the fact that he'd killed or about how stupid he had been to forget to reload He vaulted over Mizore, slipped when he hit the ground and fell to one knee. Ignoring Jacob (hard to do; his steps thundered in his ears), he searched the ground for...

There. Victoria Logan's gun. Did it have any bullets left in it? What did he do if it didn't? What could he-?

Raidon lifted the gun from where it had fallen, aimed it towards Jacob (so close now that Raidon really could see the whites of his eyes) and fired. There was no empty click, this time around.
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