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Dustin hadn't recognized her. There was a small ray of sunshine creeping through Rena's mind that maybe, just maybe, everything would be okay for now. Dustin wouldn't recognize her, they'd talk for a bit, part ways, everything would be okay-

...Except Garry had killed someone. A detail that had not gone past Dustin, unfortunately, which turned the entire reunion rather sour.

Rena kept her head down, trying not to listen to Garry's jumbled and almost frantic explanation. She was expecting to hear Raine or Ridley at any moment, demanding explanations, yelling at her again, screaming things at her because she was stupid and she was acting stupid and hysterical and she'd run away.

Running away actually sounded rather nice at this particular moment.

She glanced up slightly when Sunil spoke, surprised that the quiet boy had said anything at all. She quickly forced her eyes down again, still praying that Dustin didn't recognize her, that Raine and Ridley were somewhere far away, that no one was going to yell at her for being her stupid self.

And the Sunil called her a psycho.

Rena's head snapped up, and she let out a cry of surprise.

No. What? No. No! Rena? A psycho? She was a hysterical, overly emotional, physically weak girl with a giant club she'd never used and a tendency to vomit or scream at the mere sight or...feel...of blood. How could Sunil say that? She trusted him!

Why did she trust him? She'd run away from a boy who helped her and a girl who treated her with care and respect to a killer and a quiet boy who apparently thought she was crazy. I really suck at this.

Sunil backtracked quickly, saying it was a joke, but Rena realized the damage was already done. She'd been looking up, staring in disbelief at Sunil for a couple minutes, meaning that Dustin was going to recognize her.

And it didn't help that she must have already seemed pretty crazy in his eyes. She'd screamed at a body, threatened to kill him, been slapped, been yelled at, had an emotion breakdown, and then randomly and without much, or really any, explanation at all had just run away.

Had it not been dangerously unfunny in her current situation, she might have laughed at the fact that this was the second time she'd been called a psycho since the start of this game.

She looked at Dustin quickly, realizing that there were only two people there, and that the other girl- Mary or something, Rena couldn't really remember- was neither Raine nor Ridley. That took some pressure off.

Except no, it didn't, because Raine and Ridley would have known she wasn't crazy. Dustin and...Marion, wasn't it?- they had not played this game beside her. They didn't know her well enough. They could have very well believed Sunil.

Rena was certain she was going to die. Dustin and Marion and maybe even Sunil and Garry were going to attack her, going to call her insane, going to rip her life out of her and make her scream like the person in the tunnels and the boy with the cinderblock had probably screamed. It was all going to end, and there was nothing she could do.

Tears, bile, rage, fear- everything raised in her throat. Don't cry don't vomit don't cry don't vomit please please it will only make things worse they'll just want to kill you more they'll make it hurt more they'll-

"I'm not crazy!" Rena cried in a nearly breathless voice.

It was not the best thing she could have said in her defense. It probably only made things worse, actually.

She looked around at the other four people, before letting out a nervous laugh. "I...I mean...yeah. I'm...uh...Very funny joke Sunil."

She turned to Dustin. "And...uh...hi. Again. Remember me?" She let out another nervous laugh.

Great way to prove you're not crazy. Stellar really. Clearly they'll trust you with their lives now.

Rena turned her attention to her feet. Maybe if she didn't look, they'd all just go away.
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