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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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(Sorry Dee, wanted to wait for you but... I gotta get Kitty moving.)

Surprisingly, Kitty gave Helen a smile. It was all fake, she knew. She had no idea that Helen had thought of the idea but she did not feel bad for unknowingly taken it. After all, it was just an idea simply to communicate. She turned her head slightly, looking at the rest of the people in the room. None of her friends, though that circle was certainly small to begin with.

Kitty stayed out of the conversation for the most part. She didn't know the technical details of what was happening so she figured it best to keep quiet. After awhile she began to grow curious. What were they writing? She took the pad quickly, giving it a quick glance...

Seriously? Kitty tried her best to look nonchalant but her eyes went wide regardless. Did they... find where they were? So quickly? Kitty looked back at Roland, then back at Isabel. She smiled. She couldn't help it. Perhaps she didn't have to play this game at all... and then she remembered. It wasn't going to be that easy. So be skeptical about it.

"There's nothing wrong with being hopeful..."

Kitty cursed mentally.

As it turned out, Isabel suddenly recruited her. Kitty was surprised. Isabel barely knew her - heck, Kitty wasn't even sure if her name WAS Isabel. Despite that, Kitty was all too willing to help. She wasn't too sure what could possibly be helpful, but her friend told her to be hopeful so Kitty was going to take a stab at working as a team ... fully intending to turn around and run if either of the others walked her into a trap. She was on their side though, well, as far as a paranoid girl like Kitty was willing to give them. If this was going to work they had to work together, but completely trusting them was stupid.

She nodded.

"I think we should head to town and get supplies," she quickly covered. "We're running a little low, aren't we? We'll, uhh, try to find a well or something and fill them up."

That was fine. Not perfect but... fine.

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