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Things were rapidly becoming rather awkward, to say the least.

Garry was quickly getting put on the spot by the others on the scene, being confronted about his well-publicised kill of Jake. There was no denying it was a rather nasty way to die, but there was also no denying for anyone with the slightest bit of info about the context of the kill that Garry in no way intended to kill Jake, and he felt the utmost remorse for it.

That, or he was a really good actor. But Garry didn't seem like the acting type.

As Garry carried on his explanation, Sunil stared, his mind vacant, at a abnormally stone on the ground, Garry's words floating in one ear and out of the other. However, with minimal warning, Garry put Sunil on the spot, asking him to back up his story. Quickly becoming flustered at this sudden interruption, Sunil fumbled about for the proper words, before stuttering "Erm...y-yeah. Garry's totally killing the truth. TELLING the truth, I mean. Sorry." He laughed it off, hoping it wouldn't be interpreted as a Freudian slip. "Yeah, Jake tried to kill me, and Garry then stepped in and fought Jake off and Jake fell on an unfortunately-placed cinderblock and cracked his head upon and died." Which totally sucked for everyone.

Yep. That was what had happened. In a nutshell. Unless Sunil's memory was pulling tricks on him.

"I mean," Sunil continued, chuckling nervously to try and calm things down, his eyes quickly darting between everyone present at the scene, "Garry's perfectly safe. Trust me on that. Seriously. I mean, yeah. He's cool." Praying that they believed his explanation and didn't interpret his nervousness and hesitation as deceit, he decided to add in a joke. "I mean, Rena's the one you gotta watch out for! Crazy psycho bitch, heheh!"

And now they'd probably think Rena was actually dangerous. And if not, she was probably offended.


"Only joking, she's cool. She's awesome. We're all cool, I mean that sincerely. Honest, swear on my mother's life."

Okay Sunil.

Now's a good time to shut up.
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