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((Short post is short so I can get Jacob's death over and done with today))

Well, look at that. Seems that Alice was properly paranoid about them. Jacob scratched the back of his head and averted his gaze from the whole situation, it was getting nowhere faster than a donkey on a treadmill. Still, Timothy seemed to get the idea after a while and put the gun away, and that was when Jacob decided that he needed to get his original plan back into action.

If he could find his bag, then he wouldn't be as useless as he was - always.

"Guys, I'm gonna run ahead and look around town for my bag, alright?" Jacob started. It wasn't that these guys weren't great company, he just really really wanted to make sure his stuff was okay.

He strode off in quick strides, leaving the fountained park behind him.

((Jacob Charles continues in All's Fair))
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