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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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"HEY! Fuckin' Logan Reynolds, it's Ricky Fortino, how the fuck you doing? And hey, other chick, get your ass over here, we can talk or get some water or shit!"

Well, as calls to attention went, that one could've been a whole lot less friendly. By the time he'd turned around to see if he recognised this Ricky Fortino's face any better than his voice, Logan was already smiling a little. Not many people recognised him, what with being both the quiet type and the least-known position on the team, so finally running into someone who did - or them running into him, either or - was a nice feeling. The friendly greeting, complete with gratuitous, jovial coarse language, that was an even nicer one.

It turned out he did recognise Ricky, but he couldn't quite figure out why. The girl he was with, he didn't know at all. But it didn't matter, as long as they were both friendly, it was better than nothing. Not wanting to commit to his hunch that the other boy was on the Football team, Logan opened with the kind of "Why do I recognise you?" that's more welcoming than questioning. It was to be followed by a "Not great, but I'll live." kind of summary, but by the time "great" was halfway spoken, the conversation came to an abrupt halt, interrupted by a bullet flying into the sand; an ear-pounding bang, and a, rather comically by comparison, weak thud.

"THAT was a warning! I am not in a good mood. I am tired, hungry, I've never been incredibly sociable, and we are technically enemies... Oh, AND I also have a gun, in case you didn't realize what that noise was."

"In fact, I'm pretty sure that makes me the one in charge here, so.... my first orders are to leave me alone or I start shooting, and those won't be warnings."

Unstable, armed, hostile and sarcastic. Just what Logan needed right now, a classic case of gun-based power tripping. It didn't take a interest in crime fiction bordering on the fetishistic, nor a cultivated ability to read body language and speech, to tell that Ericka wasn't messing around. First things first, then.

"Alright then, I'm off. Didn't come here to get shot, surprisingly. You two coming too?"

He didn't much care what the other three had to say to him about that, he was too busy grabbing his own belongings and making his way back towards the island proper. If Ericka wanted to take another shot, well... fuck. And if Ricky and that other girl wanted to follow him, and catch up with the conversation too, fantastic. But the main priority was to not be around a crazy gun lady.

[Logan Reynolds --> Laisse tomber les filles]
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