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Washing his hair? And he decided to pester her because, obviously, if he went up to someone in a friendly manner they would be less likely to shoot him? As if the kind of people who would shoot without warning would spare those who were friendly?

Ericka didn't buy it. Go over there? Why? So he could kill her and take her gun? No thanks! She would stay right where she was, in a place where she had an advantage, slight though it may be.

Soon another girl showed up, and then another boy. Was there a party scheduled at this location that she didn't get an invite to? 'Cause if so, well, Ericka had never been very fond of parties. And now they were inviting her over.... What part of irritable-girl-wielding-gun-wants-to-be-alone do they not understand? Seriously? In the middle of a free-for-all fight to the death you don't just invite random people to be friends!

Maybe this will help them understand...


Ericka fired her gun into the sand. "THAT was a warning! I am not in a good mood. I am tired, hungry, I've never been incredibly sociable, and we are technically enemies... Oh, AND I also have a gun, in case you didn't realize what that noise was."

"In fact," she continued after a moment's thought, not caring if she interrupted anyone, "I'm pretty sure that makes me the one in charge here, so.... my first orders are to leave me alone or I start shooting, and those won't be warnings."

Ericka smirked, she had always been the kind of person who did what others said to do, not the one ordering others around... this... this felt kind of good. She could get used to this.
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