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Marion rolled her eyes as once again she managed to be forgotten about. How is it with over 150 students on the island she couldn’t find a friend? Yet everyone else kept meeting up with people that they knew. She sighed in frustration. At least Dustin had been nice enough to actually address her before turning towards…Garry and his band of merry men. She was going to leave right there and then. Second verse same as the first, she thought having participated in this before, but Dustin’s next words froze her in place.

"Wait. You killed someone?"

Marion longed to pull out her notepad and flip through to get the details they’d been given, but for some reason no on liked when she did that. Funny, how in school everyone was always trying to get into the paper, now here on this island they hated that she was writing anything down.

She walked closer, but not too close as Garry began to explain that it was self-defense. Which didn’t sound like the explanation Danya had given, but then Danya wanted them here turning against each other. So what were a few lies to a murderous psychopath? He turned to Sunil and Marion did as well, waiting to see what the other boy had to say. Of course if I was traveling with a murder I might be tempted to say anything he wanted me too.
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