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Me? Why, what a wild and crazy accusation! No no, it was that OTHER girl.
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Everything went to hell so quickly, it took Vic a second to realize that she'd been shot. Twice.

One second, she was backing away from Mizore, inching her way to the door and away from Raidon and his gun and this stupid decision. If she made it out, once she made it out, she'd go back for Alice. Dead or alive, if Alice was still there, Vic would never leave her again. Running off the first time had been a terrible mistake, and one she wanted to remedy as soon as possible. She'd find Alice and never leave her side, not until some opportunistic piece of shit took the decision out of her hands.

Then there were two sharp cracks from the top of the stairs. Before she even had a chance to question what was making the noise, her legs stopped working. Then she was falling, then hitting the ground, then pain. It started to sink in that Raidon recovered a little quicker then she'd have liked around the same time she started to gasp for air. He'd probably only glanced her. Sure, that was it. If he was as accurate as Vic was, no question, it was barely an injury. The wind was knocked out of her, was all. Just give her a second, and she'd be back on her feet.


Vic grinned up at Alice as she screamed and shuddered. "I take it you approve?" The smaller woman asked as she climbed out of her spot between her girlfriends legs. All that deep talk before about forgiveness and love, it was the least she could to lighten the tension some. Maybe even have a chance to show Alice her appreciation for loving her like she did. Whatever the reason, it was her pleasure almost as much as it was Alices'.

Vic climbed up the bed, deciding the forgo the slinky crawl for once, especially considering Alice was hardly in any shape to see it. Alice was lying there, her eyes closed, her chest heaving, a alluring flush across her cheeks. She looked good enough that Vic wanted to go again, but there was no harm in giving Alice time to recover. She settled in next to Alice, an arm thrown around her shoulder.

After the talk of her past, Vic assumed they were done with discussion for one evening, but there was something else she had to say. For once, it wasn't something fueled by shame or guilt, which in and of itself was a nice change of pace. She smiled up at Alice, looking as calm as she ever did before, even while her heart was racing.

"I love you, Alice. More then I've ever loved anyone. I mean, I tell you that all the time, but I want you to know I mean it. You're, hell, Alice, you're the best thing that ever happened to me. You made me a better person. You really are the best thing that's ever happened to me. I love you. So much. You don't have to worry about me running off or abandoning you. I'll love you until the end of the world."


She had meant it, too. Alice was the most important person in her world, she hadn't meant for it to be like this! This wasn't how it was supposed to be! They were supposed to graduate together, go to college together, all that stuff you see in old romantic movies. It wasn't supposed to end with her dying after taking a shot at the guy who tried to kill Alice. This wasn't, it just wasn't fair. She was supposed to get her second chance, one to go back to Alice, to set things right.

This was all wrong.


It was like something out of Back to the Future. She didn't know who picked Earth Angel to serenade the students at Bayview prom, but she certainly wasn't complaining. All that was needed now was a little Johnny B. Goode. And there was Alice in in her little black dress. Combine that with the black lipstick and hint of eyeshadow, Alice cleaned up nicer then one would expect. She almost looked like a new woman. Judging by the look on her face, she probably wished she was a new woman too. Considering where the hem of the dress stopped, it was already a minor miracle that Vic got her to leave the apartment at all. Not that Vic minded the view.

Her arm was draped around Alice's shoulder, and she was showing her off to anyone who glanced in their direction. Of course, she could show off after the song. She wasn't going to miss an opportunity to give Alice a whirl. She threw her other arm around Alice's neck, gently guiding Alice in her first time really dancing. "You look beautiful, Alice." That earned her a smile and blush, and it was all Vic could do to keep the kiss she gave Alice publicly acceptable.

This was, well, perfect. Perfect. A word that she normally relegated to marathon sex sessions or that euphoria after some X. But in comparison to this, that all seemed...fake. Holding Alice close, swaying in time to the song playing around them. It was like they were the only people in the world. She would trade everything for more moments like this. Like she said, perfect. She guessed that was what love was like. Not just great sex and lots of lustful stares. Moments like this, where time seemed to slow down and everything was great. Moments she never wanted to end.

"I love you, Alice." Her voice was a whisper, but she knew Alice heard her.


She wished she had never talked Alice into going along on the senior camping trip. It'll be fun!, she said, a last chance to see the people from school, she enthused. Alice didn't want to go, that was clear, but went along because it made Vic happy. She thought back to prom, to that perfect moment in each others arms. She wanted to be home, with Alice. This wasn't how this was supposed to be. They were supposed to grow old together, or at least grow older together. She wanted a second chance. More then anything else, she wanted a second chance. A chance to show Alice that she was the only woman in the world. A chance to to stay with Alice, even if it meant dying.

Vic's vision swam, blurred, then cleared. There was someone hovering over her, telling her she'd be okay. Everything else seemed dulled, distant, unimportant, everything except the woman hovering over her. Alice? No, couldn't be. There was no such thing as serendipity and Alice was already dead. Because Vic had abandoned her. Because Vic was a gutless coward.

But it was Alice. She'd come back, from the dead or wherever she went when Vic fled. Back to give her a second chance. Vic managed to take her hand, her grip weak and trembling. She offered a smile, beatific and as close to at peace as possible. Because Alice had come back. Maybe Vic had it in her to leave Alice, but Alice wouldn't do the same. "I...I'm h-happy to see you again, Alice." Vic coughed and even managed to ignore the pain, because Alice was back. "I'm sorry I left you before. I-i'm sorry I ran away. I can't tell you how happy I am that you gave me another chance." With considerable effort, Vic managed to lift her hand, running it lovingly over the cheek of the woman above her. "Thank you for coming back."

She wanted to look away from the terrified expression on the woman's face, but she couldn't. If she was going to die, it would be knowing Alice was still with her. Vic's hand tightened on Alice's for a few fleeting seconds. "I love you, Alice. I'm sorry, I'm sorry I'm leaving you behind again. I love you, so much. I wish, I wish we were still at home, back at your place." She felt a tear well in her eye, and she was surprised that it was the first. "I'm sorry Alice. I wish we had more time."

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