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(Ricky Fortino continued from Aimless)

"Lemme talk, OK?


"I said lemme fucking talk, OK?


"Alright, where was I?

"I was talking about Aaron fuckin' Hicks, that's where I was. Oh no, it's not enough that he's the big football star, he's the big baseball star, he's got a bigass dick I've seen it in the fuckin' locker room... I wasn't TRYING to look at it or anything, hell the guy bragged about it in front of everyone, what you think I'm some queer or something like that, fuck you buddy."

Under ordinary circumstances, Ricky Fortino wasn't much of a conversationalist. He was more the type to stand around, chime in when needed, and let other people take the lead. Of course, given that Ricky's new conversation partner didn't actually exist, he'd had to carry the blunt end of this one.

In fact, Ricky was discovering that he had plenty to talk about.

"Anyway, so it's not enough all of that shit, so Aaron lets us all know that he's not gonna be there for the senior trip, cause he's down in Louisiana or Texas or Mexico or wherever the fuck touring colleges, but hey, no fuckin' problem he says because once we all get back he's gonna throw a big motherfuckin' party at his place. So HE'S fucking down there and I'm fucking up here, and THAT buddy, that's a bunch of bullshit right there."

Ricky was still doing fine, of course. He'd had a bad spot for a little while last night, but Christ, that shouldn't have been unexpected or anything like that. Isaiah Garvey had come straight at him like a crazy guy, hadn't he? Hell if Ricky could remember the whole goddamn thing clearly, he'd just woken up, but he did know that the whole thing had definitely been the other guy's fault. And it wasn't like Ricky had KILLED Isaiah or anything, sure he'd been nervous before the announcement had aired, wondering if he'd actually hit the guy too hard with the golf club, but Isaiah's name hadn't been there, so he everything was still fine. In fact, he'd been doing pretty goddamn good, hadn't he? People were out there loppin' off heads, going goddamn crazy, but Ricky Fortino was still a good guy overall, and Ricky Fortino hadn't fuckin' killed anyone, and that really pissed Ricky off, because for no particular reason he was starting to think about the kids who didn't make the trip. What the fuck kind of good luck fairy had they been wishing on?

"Oh, and you know what? Forget Aaron, he's actually a good fucking guy. How 'bout Monty fucking Pondsworth, huh, how about that? That asshole, he got himself shipped off to jail or juvie or wherever the goddamn hell he ended up a couple months ago, I think it was jail cause he's over 18 but who the fuck cares, I'm sure Pondsworth doesn't care cause he's not fucking here, is he? No, of fucking course he isn't. What. In. The. Hell."

So Ricky was stuck here through no fault of his own, while due to simple good luck other kids were sick or out of town or getting raped in jail or just didn't want to go to the goddamn Badlands, and so what if he was talking to himself a bit? Given the circumstances he thought that was perfectly reasonable. OK, maybe not reasonable, but at least understandable. Yes. It was completely fucking understandable.

"So what, now I'm fucking here and everywhere I goddamn go I got crazy people coming after me and people getting their goddamn arms cut off and fuckin' decapitated heads lying on the ground and you got no answers buddy, I don't even know why the fuck I'm talking to you cause you sure got no answers, but I'll tell you want the answer is and that's that all this is really fucked up... aw FUCK I'm back on the beach."

Oh yeah. He was back at the beach, James Mulzet and his head were somewhere around here. Well, whatever. Did it really matter, one place or the other? That was some philosophical bullshit, right there. But hey, there were people here. Probably goddamn crazy people like everyone else he'd met so far, but what the hell, he was still doing fine, he was still doing FUCKING FINE, and he was a good guy so why the hell shouldn't go go strolling up to them? No reason not to at all.

He saw another girl stumbling towards the two figures at the beach, and jogged to catch up with her. It was that Jamie chick, he recognized her. Not half bad looking. And Asian too, give him somma that Asian girl fever. He was always a good guy with the ladies, Ricky Fortino was.

She turned around as he approached and Ricky clapped an arm over the girl's shoulder's, walking with her down to the shoreline.

"Heeey girl, Ricky Fortino here, how's it going with you and... ah holy shit girl, you look like shit."

Yeah, she wasn't looking too hot. Hey, that was fine, she wasn't looking psycho at least, that was all he could ask for. He flashed his pearly whites and continued.

"Hey, no problem girl, sure things are pretty shitty, but you know what? I'm doing fucking fine! And we'll all do fine, hey that's Logan Reynolds down there!"

Sure, that was Logan Reynolds. Hey, he knew that guy too! Played basketball or some shit, didn't he? There was some other chick there too, but he didn't recognize her, it wasn't like he knew every single person at Bayview or anything like that.

"HEY! Fuckin' Logan Reynolds, it's Ricky Fortino, how the fuck you doing? And hey, other chick, get your ass over here, we can talk or get some water or shit!"
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