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Nothing but obstacles huh? That's what he was?! Just a fucking roadblock in your game of Chinese mother fucking killing checkers!?!

Fuck, she should have screamed that. Damn that gun pointed in her face, it was grabbing onto her tongue and not letting go! Now not only was she going to get her fucking head blown off, she wouldn't even get a chance to tell this bitch what she thought of her!

Fuck, this was unbearable! It was one thing to turn on her without so much as a warning, but another to drag it out this long! If she was going to pull that trigger and splatter her lovely self all over the ground, then couldn't she just get it over with already?!

"Last fucking words?!" she finally snarled, after being so politely offered the opportunity. "How bout you fucking put that fucking gun down and leave me the fuck alone you psycho cunt! Or just give me that fucking gun first, THEN leave me the-"

Time's up.

Oh fuck me.

Say goodbye?

"Not saying goodbye, YOU"


Blink blink.


"Oh yes, shit."

With a victorious grin, Janet coiled her rage into a mighty fist, flailing her arm at Sofia's fuck ugly face! This was no moment for deliberation: she wasn't going to sit around thanking the gods that she hadn't ended up as fertiliser, or go down on her knees and beg Sofia for wonderful mercy. This sweet moment that the almighty strands of fate had granted her in this web of murder and slaughter was her only chance for action, her only spot of gold in a river of mud, her only chance to really deal with someone who deserved it! She'd be damned if she was going to let it slip by!
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