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It was funny how just four words were capable of completely changing the atmosphere.

Garry's elation at finding Dustin changed to sheer dread upon hearing his friend's inquiry. His face paled visibly; how could he have been so stupid? His name had cropped up on the morning announcement literally a couple of minutes ago. Dustin wasn't there, he couldn't know what had happened between him, Sunil and Jake. As far as Garry knew, Dustin had him figured out as a murderer.

And, worst case scenario, everyone else on the island was probably thinking the same. The girl next to Dustin was probably thinking it, Saul was probably thinking it. "Oh, hear that? It's Garry the savage werewolf, he must've ripped Jake Crimson from limb to limb and feasted on his flesh and guts. Let's find him and give him a taste of his own medicine!" The thought of that infuriated and terrified the young man. 'Damnit I am not like that!' Garry mentally snarled. He needed to explain himself to Dustin, before he went wildly jumping to any conclusions. He didn't want an argument or, even worse, a fight on his hands. Not after the altercation the previous night.

"Just hear me out for a sec, Dustin. It was an accident," Garry explained, looking up to Dustin. "That guy, Jake, was trying to kill Sunil here and I had to fight him off. He attacked me, I shoved him out the way, he fell over and badly hit his head. I didn't want to kill him... I only wanted to stop him from attacking."

He looked back down to the ground and turned to face Sunil. Unlike Dustin, he was there when it all happened, and so he would be able to support his side of the story. "Sunil, back me up here, please," Garry spoke.
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