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it was a graveyard smash
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((Fiona Sparki continued from Fountain of Youth))

Fiona and Nik left that bloodstained area, the town center where Craig and.. What was his name? Owen? Yes, Owen. That place where those two boys were killed. She would have been more affected by the two corpses, but the murders were committed by Nik and Fiona themselves. There wasn't much more to do than feel guilty about it. Apologize, be at peace with oneself.. Nothing was going to change the past or bring Owen back to life or get Fiona off of this island, so she tried to keep her mind very clear. She tried not to think too much, and if her mind began to wander, she quickly snapped it back to pleasant thoughts of her brothers, her favorite foods, cheerleading, sports.. The people that she would rather see, the things that she would rather be doing..

Oops. Bad thoughts again. Keep thinking about pleasant things!

Rainbows and puppies and butterflies and whatever the hell was pleasant. Honestly, after so much optimistic thinking, Fiona's brain was beginning to hurt.

She wasn't entirely sure where she and Nik were going (nor did she feel like asking), so she kept her mouth shut and surmised that they were looking for Evelyn and Steffan. Those were the two people most important to Nik, but it wasn't like Evelyn wasn't important to Fiona too. Evelyn was something of her friend since they were both on the cheerleading team together. Maybe Evelyn wasn't, like, her BFF, but she tolerated Fiona, and that was good enough for her. It would be very nice to see her again.

Several times throughout their walk, Fiona thought about asking Nik what happened back there. Why did he kill Craig? What provoked it? But she didn't want to upset Nik, and, honestly, she just wanted to forget what happened back there. Unfortunately, the smattering of blood upon their clothing was a blatant reminder of their deeds. She would never forget, no matter how many rainbows or puppies she thought about.

"Tired.." she managed to mutter out after much walking. The announcement had played earlier, and she was somewhat amused after hearing her own name appear in the list of deaths and kills. She thought that axe joke was actually pretty funny, especially since she used an axe to kill Owen! And Danya was right, Owen really was axing- asking for it. Who was he to try and strangle his friend and assume she wasn't going to do anything about it?! She wasn't some weak cheerleader, she could kick ass if she wanted to!

Up ahead was a building. Fiona squinted her eyes and saw two figures ahead of a weird building that looked worse for wear. What the hell happened? It looked half-destroyed. She would have focused more on that, but before she knew it, Nik was sprinting off in the direction of the two figures. She followed behind, much more slowly, and when the figures finally adjusted to her sight, she realized..

Both Steffan and Evelyn were in front of them. But something wasn't right.. No, this wasn't right at all. Steffan was on top of Evelyn, jerking her head from side to side.. Before she could process what had happened, Nik slammed his gun into his brother's head and yelled at Evelyn to move. Fiona lurched forward, eyes wide. She still had a tight grip on her axe, but she wasn't planning on moving it. In fact, she still wasn't entirely sure what was going on.

However, Evelyn was saved. She sprung up and, within a few seconds, began to shout at Nik. "Don't! You can't!" Fiona rubbed her eyes wearily and supposed that Evelyn didn't want Nik to shoot his brother.

"I should probably stay out of this," Fiona muttered, taking a slight step back. It was good that the two had arrived in time to save Evelyn, but why the hell was Steffan doing that? There was countless reasons to come up with, but it was then that Fiona remembered Steffan's name on the announcement. Sure, this didn't amount to much - even Nik and Fiona had been on the announcements, but maybe he had gone mad.. Why else would anyone attack Evelyn like that?

Fiona silently shook her head. Best to let Nik deal with this.
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