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Ahh, truly theres nothing more satisfying than watching your target fall in a hail of bullets...

Most people who'd made it this far in the game would have probably felt guilty by this point, after claiming the lives of nine innocent people just so they themselves can make it off the island in one piece. Most people would have felt regret for what they had done, or at the very least be sickened by the actions they had committed in order to get to this stage. But for Maxwell Lombardi, there was something uniquely enthralling about the game which excited him beyond anything else he'd ever done in his entire life. Perhaps it was the adrenaline rush he experienced whilst going in for the kill, or maybe it was the incomparable feeling of satisfaction he felt as he stood over the corpse of yet another simian who stood between him and total freedom. Either way, what mattered to Maxwell at that very moment was the fact that once again he was one step closer to getting off this rock. One step closer to returning to a life of unparalleled admiration and fame.

One step closer to the award he deserved for all his hard work and effort...

However, the well-dressed killer didn't have much time to gloss over his perfectly executed kill before noticing that the man he'd just shot wasn't quite as alone as he'd first assumed. He was actually quite shocked when he realised that he'd been so focused on the denim-clad moron before him to not notice the two girls he was running towards. What!?! How did they...?!? How did I not notice?!? Is one of them actually talking to me? Nevermind, if they're hungry for some lead as well who am I to complain about it...

With a new set of targets in sight, the young Brit quickly aimed his weapon in their direction and wasted no time in pulling the trigger. However, rather than unleashing a deadly hail of bullets in his victim's direction, the TEC-9 made a simple clicking noise that Maxwell had grown far too used to hearing...

Empty? EMPTY?!? God dammit Maxwell, you had to get carried away again didn't you?!? A short burst, that's all you were meant to use. But instead you had to go ahead and go fully automatic, wasting god knows how much ammunition on some tool who probably wasn't even worth it...

In that brief moment of silence, Maxwell was uncertain as to what to do next. He COULD just whip out his pistol, the very same pistol that had saved his life countless times in the past, and open fire on these worthless cretins. On the other hand, he hadn't a clue how much ammunition was left on it. He must of used up at least half of it already on the blond-haired brick wall he ran into earlier, and considering the fact that from where he was standing he doubted he could hit them from here with one shot each...

Most of all however, was that despite the adrenaline running through his veins at that very moment, he was still suffering from the effects of sleep loss. His vision was far too blurry to properly make out the two people in front of him... Heck, that was probably the reason why he didn't spot them in the first place. The reason he came here was to find somewhere to sleep after all...

You know what, fuck it. I've wasted enough ammunition here already...

So, with that in mind, the young Brit quickly dashed back into the shadows, weaving his way through the various alleyways and backgardens that made up the fringe of the residential district. He could of almost sworn he heard one or two people calling out for whoever was shooting, one of whom was even swearing vengeance against him... Or, something along those lines. Maxwell wasn't really paying attention to be truly honest.

Don't worry, i'm sure you and the rest of those would-be avengers out there will eventually have the opportunity to wreak sweet vengeance upon me... Right before I shoot you in the gut for being such a nuisance, of course.

((Maxwell Lombardi continued In the House, In a Heartbeat))
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