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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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Just… fuck.

There were two of them. The swearing one by the flashlight and the yelling one off to the other side. Aislyn swung her head back and forth as she rapidly worked out a new plan. A realization hit her almost immediately. Son of a bitch! They were trying to pincer her. And doing a terrible job at it since both of them managed to get their positions made. Aislyn huffed in annoyance. Fucking amateurs.

She contemplated rushing one of them until she remembered the gun. One of them definitely had a gun, possibly both of them. It would be suicidal to rush an unknown, armed assailant. And she had not made it this far to get killed by being stupid.

Glancing behind her to make sure the path was clear, she quickly grabbed her bag and the bag of the fallen. Damn it, she would have to haul both along until she found a secure location to search her new prize. “This had better be worth it,” she growled.

With one final glance at the unknown combatants, she sprang from her crouch and ran for the treeline, making sure to move in a serpentine path.

((Aislyn McCreery continued in In Theory, This Should Be Easy))
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